Good news for soccer fans in the United States. The Damned United, the brilliant film by Tom Hooper and starring Michael Sheen, will be available in DVD format in the United States beginning February 23, 2010.

The movie which tells the story of the working relationship between Brian Clough and Peter Taylor is one of the finest British soccer movies seen on these shores. When the film was released in October, it played in select movie theaters nationwide, so many die-hard soccer fans were unable to catch the film on the big screen.

I finally got to see the film last month when it played at a small independent movie theater near me. I highly recommend it not only because it’s about our favorite sport, but because it really captures what English football was like in the 1970s with dark corridors, paint peeling off the walls and some pretty physical football on the pitch. Plus you can learn about Brian Clough’s 44 controversial days at Leeds United. Read The Damned United movie review written by EPL Talk writer Eric Altshule.

The Damned United is available for pre-order now from

One thing I’ll add is that it’s interesting to see how Sony Pictures has redesigned the DVD cover to look completely different than the poster for the US release of the film. That’s not unusual in the movie business, but the pictures are dramatically different.

Thanks to EPL Talk reader Nick Brilleaux for the tip about the DVD release.