LAFC’s new goalie Hugo Lloris has the amusing confession that he learned everything about the city by playing GTA. Even though he had never set foot in the city, he has brought attention to its special relationship with it.

This past summer, the Frenchman signed with Los Angeles Football Club of Major League Soccer. Thus, it effectively ended his 11-year stint with Tottenham in the Premier League.

The default assumption is that players’ primary incentive for deciding to move to the United States is money. On the other hand, Lloris’s supposedly low monthly salary of $32,500, via L’Equipe, seems to contradict that notion.

The captain of the 2018 World Cup-winning team has decided to put his lifestyle ahead of his financial success. Along the way, he turned down better offers from clubs like Newcastle, Bayer Leverkusen, PSV, and Nice.

Hugo Lloris on how playing GTA helped him feel at home in LA

The former France No. 1 and captain, recently made a comment that isn’t something you hear every day. Though he had never set foot in LA, he claimed to have extensive knowledge of the metropolis from playing the video game “Grand Theft Auto (GTA).”

“As for the population, it seems to be growing with every move, but I think we’ll stop here. The film industry, Dr. Dre, GTA… I’ve played this game so much on PlayStation that I felt like I knew all the landmarks, streets, and corners of the city, even though I’ve never been here”, Lloris stated.

By openly praising American cars, Hollywood, and the landscapes the country provides, the veteran is certainly assimilating into American society.

“I’ve met many French people here who came and never left. I’m not saying this is what will happen to us, but I understand the idea. I want to see everything, NBA, American football, the NFL as well as college football. We found a ski resort just an hour and a half away too, if we ever get a few days off, maybe we’ll head to Colorado.”

Conditions were not what Lloris may have expected for his most recent game
Conditions were not what Lloris may have expected for his most recent game

Conditions were not what Lloris may have expected for his most recent game

Hugo Lloris on why LAFC and not retirement

He continued by detailing his decision to play for LAFC rather than retire: “I didn’t want to retire, but if I didn’t get the opportunity that matched my criteria, it could’ve happened.

“Things went well, I did the right thing in refusing some mediocre offers last summer. When LAFC contacted me in December, the flame and the enthusiasm came back very quickly. I couldn’t have found a more competitive club. They are playing for titles but there is still a very human aspect here, football allows you to travel and I am privileged to do so.”

He stayed in the United Kingdom for more than a decade, enduring its notoriously chilly, rainy, and sometimes unpredictable climate. On Saturday, however, the veteran was unprepared for the circumstances.

The severe weather disrupted the second match of the season for LAFC, which took place in Utah against Real Salt Lake. Consequently, the game was postponed for two hours before being abruptly halted four minutes after the start of play due to lightning. After a half-hour delay, play started, but conditions quickly deteriorated due to the snow that had fallen and coated the surface.

Photo credit: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire