The British tabloid Daily Mail has learned that Republic of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane is under police investigation for an alleged assault on a man outside of the team’s hotel in Portmarnock. Ireland are preparing to play Scotland in less that 48 hours and are currently staying at the Links Hotel in Dublin.

According to the Mail, there was a brief exchange of words between Keane and an individual in the early evening. Things quickly heated up and the argument was ended by an alleged punch from the Republic of Ireland assistant manager which knocked the other man to the ground.

“It appeared fairly innocuous,” a Daily Mail source said. “A man approached Roy outside the hotel, there appeared to be a few heated words and then the man was on the ground. It happened very quickly. Gardai [Guardians of the Peace of Ireland] were called along with the ambulance services and the man was taken away to receive medical attention.”

It has been confirmed by a Garda spokesman that an investigation into the alleged assault was ongoing. The victim did not contact the Gardai, it is understood that a person who witnessed the alleged assault did.

“Gardai are investigating an incident where officers were called to a location outside a hotel in Portmarknock. No criminal complaint has been made and investigations are ongoing. Medical assistance was rendered.”

Without a criminal complaint, the Gardai will not make any arrests. If such a complaint is made, they will be expected to arrest Keane and detain him for questioning.

As of right now, Gardai are investigating the alleged assault without a criminal complaint and are attempting to secure the CCTV footage from the hotel.