Premier League players are to resume taking a knee prior to kickoffs. This edition of the protest begins on Saturday, Oct. 8. It concludes on Oct. 16. Players in England’s top flight take a knee to show their solidarity against racism.

Kneeling prior to kickoffs became a regular occurrence by soccer players. However, captains of Premier League sides decided to make some changes to the gesture in August. These players chose to pick certain games throughout the season to kneel, rather than every single match.

Therefore, the movement extends beyond the next two weekends of matches. Premier League players also plan to take a knee prior to Boxing Day fixtures and cup final matchups. The captains thought that choosing certain prominent games could create more impact on the issue.

Premier League players taking a knee

Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive, fully backed the move by the players. “We support the decision made by players to take the knee at specific moments during the season,” Mathers stated.

These matches further promote anti-discrimination and educate fans.

“We know more can be done to remove barriers to make football more inclusive. Football will benefit from greater diversity across all areas of the sport.”

Players previously began kneeling before games to support the Black Lives Matter movement and the No Room for Racism campaign by the league. The Premier League committed to their crusade to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.

“Football is a diverse sport, which brings together communities and cultures from all backgrounds,” Masters previously stated. “This diversity has made the game stronger on the pitch and it is vital we ensure this is reflected across all areas of the game.”

“The No Room For Racism Action Plan underpins the Premier League’s continued commitment to promoting equality and tackling discrimination. It builds on the wide-ranging work undertaken by clubs, aiming to ensure that everyone can achieve their potential, regardless of background.”