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/ 116 days ago

Premier League players to take a knee before games again

Premier League players are to resume taking a knee prior to kickoffs. This edition of the protest begins on Saturday, Oct. 8. It concludes on Oct. 16. Players in England's top flight take a knee to show their solidarity against racism. Kneeling prior to kickoffs became a regular occurrence by soccer players. However, captains of […]


/ 202 days ago

Briana Scurry documentary debuts on Paramount+

'The Only', a documentary chronicling the life of Briana Scurry, debuts on Paramount+ on July 12. Scurry's life bolted into stardom surrounding the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup. There, she made a pivotal save in the penalty shootout against China. Consequently, Brandi Chastain had the opportunity to put the game away. Her now-famous picture of […]