The Portuguese coach of Brazilian club Palmeiras, Abel Ferreira, will earn more money than any other coach in the world.

The Brazilian league season ends next month. Abel Ferreira is going to accept a lucrative offer from Qatar and leave his position with the Big Green.

Abel Ferreira has received an ‘irrefutable’ offer from Al Sadd, as reported by the Catalan news outlet SPORT. If accepted, the offer would put him ahead of all other soccer managers in terms of salary until 2024.

The 44-year-old manager and the Qatari side are in advanced stages of contract negotiations. The deal should close after Palmeiras‘ season finale in early December. The deal, when finalized, would make Abel the highest-paid manager in the world, surpassing even Pep Guardiola and Diego Simeone.

From 2019 until 2021, Barcelona icon Xavi coached Al Sadd. Their conditions are characterized in the article as ‘financially, irrefutable’ and the ‘chance of a lifetime’, indicating that the Qatari club are committed to spending a lot of money to achieve their goal.

How has Abel Ferreira fared at Palmeiras?

As the Campeonato Brasileiro enters its final stages, Palmeiras are embroiled in a fierce struggle to retain the Brazilian championship. With two games to go, they have the lead over Botafogo by three points.

The latter team are in terrible form with four draws and a defeat in the last five games. Once Ferreira arrived in Brazil and assumed leadership of Palmeiras in November 2020, he immediately began to achieve success.

During his tenure in Sao Paulo, Abel won several trophies, including the Brazilian championship last year and the Copa Libertadores medals in consecutive years. In addition to his accomplishments in Brazil, Ferreira has coached in Europe, most notably at PAOK Thessaloniki and Braga.

Portuguese coach is Endrick’s mentor

Abel Ferreira has helped Endrick develop into one of the game’s rising stars.
Abel Ferreira has helped Endrick develop into one of the game’s rising stars.

Abel Ferreira has helped Endrick develop into one of the game’s rising stars.

The overwhelming demands of Brazil’s fixture calendar almost caused Abel to abandon his post just last month. He went on to say that everyone is affected by the hectic pace of Brazilian soccer.

He had the bright idea that they could minimize coach complaints by getting more sleep and ‘oxygen’ so they would not make as many blunders. Ferreira has also made light of the fact that he got an overwhelming number of cards in the past.

He made a sarcastic comment about how great it was that he could lead the squad from the luxury of his sofa while staying home to enjoy his family during games. In addition to discussing this, he has talked about his hopes for Endrick’s future at Real Madrid and the traits he sees in the player.

“Endrick is a case in which everything happened very quickly. He always played above his category. When he reached the professional team, he had other competitions, stronger player levels, with other difficulties, but he is a young man with a lot of character, with a good heart, who listens a lot, who wants to learn. He is a born finisher.

“He is not a player who is from the area, but who appears, has a lot of mobility, likes to attack space. With the right and left, he is easy to shoot on goal and he has goals. That is very good for him. If we are calm, we water this plant with the necessary water, I have no doubt that in three, four years it can be a world reference”, he said.