Paul Pogba has failed yet another drug test, which means he is more than likely to pick up a ban. The Juventus midfielder previously tested positive for a banned substance back in early September. However, his backup sample also contained the extra testosterone as well.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Pogba initially failed the drug test after Juve’s first match of the season on August 20th. The midfielder did not even feature in the match. After failing the first drug test, Pogba had three days to submit another sample. The Italian news outlet now claims that this B sample returned similar results.

Pogba fails drug test, but ban is not clear yet

Pogba currently remains suspended at the moment and could face up to a four-year ban. However, the exact length of this suspension is not final. Soccer authorities in Italy will now interview the midfielder to get his side of the story. Pogba previously claimed that he was unaware that his supplements contained testosterone.

The aforementioned news source claims that if officials believe Pogba, he will likely not receive the full suspension. In fact, the midfielder could see the ban drop to just two years. Along with the possible reduction, the Frenchman may then pursue a plea bargain, which could lower the suspension even more.

Serie A has three similar cases in the last decade

Italian soccer has seen three similar cases in recent years. Atalanta defender Jose Luis Palomino previously tested positive for clostebol. Authorities cleared his accusation as the supplement did not name the banned substance in the ingredients. Former Cagliari attacker Joao Pedro earned a six-month ban in 2018 after a drug test found a diuretic in his sample.

Nevertheless, Fabio Lucioni received the biggest ban of the trio in 2017. The was suspended for a full year following a positive drug test for clostebol. The synthetic steroid is used to help keep high levels of testosterone in the body. Major League Baseball suspended star Fernando Tatis Jr. for using the steroid.

Assuming Pogba will receive a significant suspension, Juve will move to nullify his current contract. The dynamic midfielder previously signed a four-year contract at the club back in 2022. Pogba reportedly rakes in around $208,000 each week at the Serie A side.

PHOTO: IMAGO / insidefoto