Shockingly, Barcelona is about to decide to end its partnership with Nike and start making its own kits next season.

The alliance between Barcelona and Nike has always been strong, and the two have been working together since 1998. But this year, disagreements have arisen between the two parties. Thus, Barca are reportedly unhappy with the agreement’s conditions.

The club has reportedly been uneasy about the American brand for several months, via Spanish publication SPORT. This is even though their existing arrangement lasts until 2028.

Barcelona will likely choose a new jersey brand in the following days as they await a definitive decision. All signs point to the Blaugrana starting their apparel line, rather than signing a deal with another company.

Allegedly, Joan Laporta has already talked with many kit manufacturers who may assist with the club’s branding and uniform design. With offers of over $108 million per season, Puma has shown a great desire to replace Nike. That is far more than the $82 million the team already receives.

In-house kits from next season after Barcelona drops Nike?

The current situation has left Barca with little faith in their potential future collaboration with Nike. The US sports goods giants are not going to budge from their demands, which involve additional money, according to the club.

Although Barcelona is about to end its deal with Nike, the report claims that they would rather do it in a friendly manner. If the club does not follow these steps, Nike may sue them for breach of contract.

Having said that, the Catalans are seriously contemplating the possibility of manufacturing their kits moving forward. Rather than negotiating with an outside entity, the LaLiga winner is certain that they can increase their earnings by launching their own sports brand.

There may be less animosity around the termination if they avoid working with Nike’s competitors. Also, Barcelona would aim to concentrate on their brand in part because of the possible Nike lawsuit.

Earlier this year, even Barca’s president said that the club was thinking about developing its brand via BLM, its licensing and merchandising firm. At this time, BLM is in charge of producing and distributing all of the club’s branded merchandise and non-sport apparel.

“We have a relationship that is not advisable,” Laporta told RAC1 in January. “They have not refueled us with material, not everything scheduled has been fulfilled, and the market pays us double Nike, we have been with them for more than 20 years and in difficult times they have not shown up.”

Backup option?

Meanwhile, as a backup plan for Barcelona’s next uniform, they will consider another brand if talks with Nike fail. And also, if they can’t find a deal with Puma before the 2025-26 season. If all plans fail, Spanish journalist Gerard Romero claims that Hummel will step in as a backup for the club’s uniforms.

This implies that beginning with the 2025-26 season, Hummel will be the third option for Barcelona’s uniforms, behind Nike and Puma.