Neither team scored in Friday’s 0-0 draw between Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco at the Stade Louis II. But the drama and events that took place off the field are what really make the game interesting. For the second match in a row, PSG coach Luis Enrique opted to replace Kylian Mbappe in the second half.

Yet, the athlete accompanied his mother to the stands instead of joining his teammates on the bench. A journalist posted a video showing the players interacting with fans and even taking a selfie.

Amazon Prime Sport asked Luis Enrique if Mbappe’s impending departure had anything to do with the replacement. “Sooner or later, he is not going to play with us, we need to get used to that”, he replied.

“My job is that way. I have to make decisions all the time. That’s my philosophy, my idea, to think about the best option for my team. Nothing else. Those are my decisions. I’m not going to enter into this game. I’m a professional. I don’t have a problem. It’s just a question of management and how best to manage the squad.”

Things are worse than they seem?

Once Mbappe leaves, the Spanish coach will have to figure out how to go on without him. But it’s impossible to do so without annoying their most prized jewel, who will want to play every minute of every game.

Nevertheless, just before all that drama happened, French reports covered what happened in the dressing room. Le Parisien claims that after halftime, Enrique told the superstar he had been substituted but provided no further reason.

At first, the report points out that both sides established a foundation of mutual respect, trust, and open communication. But there has been a noticeable shift in dynamics, as their encounters have been noticeably shorter in the last few months.

Le Parisien has now realized that, after the two early substitutes, Mbappe and the head coach have hardly spoken. What is more, according to ESPN‘s sources, the France captain wanted to talk to his manager about his displeasure with being substituted.

Punishment for exit?

RMC Sport have also said that on Saturday, the two met at the Paris Saint-Germain training facility to discuss ways to resolve their differences. Enrique detailed his reasoning for benching Mbappe in the Monaco match and the treatment he has given the player over the last few weeks throughout the conversation.

The coach allegedly assured him it had nothing to do with him personally and was not an attempt at revenge for the striker’s rumored departure from PSG. According to the insiders, Luis Enrique said that he wanted to save Mbappe for more significant games and that he thought he wasn’t entirely fit.

In line with his statements made at news conferences, the ex-Spain boss has also expressed concern for the squad’s future. But despite that, ESPN still claims that Mbappe views it as a punishment for his departure from the club at the conclusion of the season.

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