Lionel Messi in Miami nearly got off to a horrific start. The Argentine arrived at Fort Lauderdale Airport this week to complete his transfer to Inter Miami. However, he almost ended the week with a car crash.

The 36-year-old superstar had a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas with his family.

With his contract expiring in Paris, Messi made waves in early June by announcing his move to Major League Soccer.

The Argentine appears to be getting used to life in America before his unveiling as an Inter Miami player. On Thursday, the superstar was seen with his children at a Publix store in South Beach.

During the routine grocery shopping trip in Miami, the 36-year-old appeared cheerful. He even took pictures with surprised fans who witnessed one of soccer’s legends buying everyday supermarket items.

What happened to Lionel Messi in Miami?

However, the beginning of Messi‘s career in the United States came dangerously close to becoming a disaster. In a fortunate turn of events, the upcoming Herons player narrowly avoided a serious crash.

It appears that Messi’s car came close to colliding with another vehicle while driving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Friday.

The incident unfolded in Fort Lauderdale during his departure from training on Friday. Messi, in his white Audi, proceeded through a red light and attempted to cross an intersection.

Consequently, another vehicle narrowly avoided colliding with the player’s car at the corner of Commercial Boulevard and NW 15th Avenue.

After making the required left turn, the vehicle was followed by police while the other cars went on their way. There is no evidence that the 36-year-old was at the wheel, but he was likely inside the car, as reported by Argentine TV station TyC Sports.

As the former Barcelona great continues his stay in the United States, he is gradually becoming acquainted with the Miami region, and it’s very likely that he and his entourage will pay increased attention to traffic signals in the future.

Photo credit: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire