Marseille have jumped up into the driver’s seat in a deal to potentially sign Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood. Fabrizio Romano is claiming that the French side has officially offered the Red Devils about $32 million for the attacker. United’s willingness to work with Marseille essentially hinges on a substantial sell-on fee.

This particular stipulation could be between 40% and 50%. If included in the agreement, United would potentially get up to 50% of whatever Marseille receives for reselling Greenwood in the future. Sell-on rates in many soccer transfers usually tend to be around 10-20%.

Along with Marseille, other top teams such Juventus, Lazio, and Sevilla have all been previously linked with Greenwood this summer. Although an official deal is not yet in place, the French side certainly looks to be a clear frontrunner in the race.

Fan group says signing Greenwood would cause ‘irreversible damage’

Clubs that are set to splash over $30 million on a player are typically met with overwhelming joy by their supporters. After all, players that cost this much money can help transform a team. This particular situation, however, is quite a bit different. Many Marseille fans are furious at their beloved club for even targeting Greenwood.

The Red Devil previously seemed destined for a lengthy career with the prestigious club. Nevertheless, this all changed when Greenwood was arrested in early 2022. Manchester area police opted to target the former rising star after a series of videos of Greenwood assaulting a woman surfaced online. The youngster was subsequently charged following the violent attack.

Despite the charges eventually being dropped, many Marseille fans seemingly do not want Greenwood anywhere near the team. Club supporters have taken to social media to launch a campaign against signing the attacker. Select Marseille fans are using #GreenwoodNotWelcome in posts on X to voice their concerns about the potential transfer.

A key social media fan account, OM Forum, even claimed that signing Greenwood would cause “irreversible damage” to the team. “This transfer seems inconceivable in view of the values displayed by the club and why it would mean for many of us a red line that would irreparably damage the passion that we have for this club,” wrote the group.

United executives looking to offload disgraced star as fast as possible

New Marseille manager Roberto De Zerbi did not necessarily help the situation with remarks on Tuesday. “[Greenwood] hasn’t signed, there’s not much to say,” De Zerbi told reporters. “He’s a world-class player. I don’t know his background. No matter the player, once they sign here, they become like my children. I protect them through thick and thin. Maybe, in private I’ll pull their ears, but in public, I’ll defend them like my sons.”

United officials certainly want to offload the disgraced former starlet as soon as possible. Although they will be looking to get as much money as possible, the player’s price tag only keeps falling. Ahead of his aforementioned arrest, Greenwood earned a valuation of well over $55 million. Nevertheless, the Red Devils will be lucky to get $35 million for the attacker now.

It remains unclear whether Marseille will listen to its fans. If they do, however, the saga could potentially drag on. This is something that United does not currently want. The Red Devils could also be forced to take a lesser fee from another club.

For instance, Lazio reportedly saw a $21 million bid for Greenwood rejected by United’s brass in recent days. As a result, Lazio owner Claudio Lotito claimed that he has now switched focus to another star that is apparently “10 times better” than Greenwood.