The soccer ball used in the 1986 World Cup quarter final between Argentina and England, the day of the famous ‘Hand of God’ goal, is set to go to auction next month, according to the BBC. While any ball used in such a big match would be historically significant, this particular one is one of the most important balls of all time in the sport.

Argentina legend Diego Maradona scored both of his team’s goals in the game. His first, the famous, or infamous, depending on who you ask, was the ‘Hand of God.’ Maradona jumped up and used his hand above his head. The ball deflected over England goalkeeper Peter Shilton to put the ball into the back of the net.

Although the England team protested the goal, referee Ali Bin Nasser allowed it to count. Argentina won the match. Eventually, Argentina won the World Cup, besting Germany in the final.

Bin Nasser held on to the ball after the match and has kept it for 36 years. However, the referee has now decided to sell the infamous ball. “This ball is part of football history – it is the right time to be sharing it with the world,” claimed Bin Nasser.

Clearly, the referee missed the opportunity to disallow the goal. However, the bin Nasser maintains he did not have a good view of the hand and ball. “As for Maradona’s first goal, I couldn’t see the incident clearly, the two players [Peter] Shilton and Maradona were facing me from behind,” Bin Nasser stated.

Hand of God Ball goes to auction

The match used the same ball for the entire 90 minutes. Graham Budd Auctions plans to hold the sale on Nov. 16. Four days later, the 2022 World Cup begins. Estimates value the ‘Hand of God’ ball at around $3 million for the auction.

“The timing of the match, the history between the two teams, and the handball have all led to this match going down as one of the most famous and emotive matches in football history,” said Graham Budd, chairman of the auction company.

“With the history surrounding the ball, we are expecting this lot to be hugely popular when it comes up for auction.”