Manchester City announced specifics for stadium expansion and a general revamp of the surrounding area. City first revealed their intention for growth in Etihad Stadium back in December. The addition of 7,000 seats will bring Etihad Stadium to over 60,000. That would make it the third-biggest soccer stadium in England behind Wembley and Old Trafford.

However, the biggest changes would be to the fan zone connected to the North Stand, the location for the seat addition. Manchester City released drawings and concepts for a new hotel, club shop, museum and plaza all connected to that north stand.

City’s owners want to make the Etihad Campus a year-round entertainment center. Right now, construction is ongoing on Co-op Live, an arena that can host live music, sports and other entertainment options. It will have largest indoor stadium capacity of any arena in the United Kingdom. Currently, that title belongs to Manchester Arena, less than a mile away. Construction on that part of the Etihad campus completes in December of this year.

A hotel certainly adds to that, as does the museum and club shop in the area.

Manchester City shows potential stadium expansion

For soccer fans, though, the emphasis is on the north stand at the City of Manchester Stadium. The addition of 7,000 seats completes upper tiers for all four sides of the ground. However, the north stand will look a little different.

Whereas the east, west and south stands create a big bowl, the north stand will have a unique design with the stadium expansion. The other two have three tiers, while the north stand will have two. That is, at least, according to the above rendering provided by Manchester City.

As of now, there is no timetable for the completion of the stand and hotel. However, fans and residents of Manchester are encouraged to visit an exhibition on the plans at Etihad Stadium over the next month.

PHOTO: IMAGO / News Images