Manchester City announced the beginning of feasibility studies for an expansion to Etihad Stadium.

The City of Manchester Stadium, as it is known without sponsorships, is already one of the biggest in the country. It has a soccer capacity of just around 55,000. That, alone ranks it as the sixth biggest soccer stadium in England. Only Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham and Arsenal have grounds with higher capacities. Then, Wembley Stadium is the biggest in the country.

This announcement for a possible expansion of Etihad Stadium centers around the north stand of the stadium. The ground has complete rings of tiers on the first and second level. However, the third tier is only applicable to the sidelines and the south end. The south end is where visiting fans have designated sections.

Therefore, Manchester City wants to complete those rings. In doing so, it estimates the capacity of the stadium can reach over 60,000. Consequently, it could jump Arsenal, West Ham and Tottenham, all of which have stadiums with capacities just over 60,000. Manchester United’s Old Trafford will not be caught any time soon, with a capacity over 74,000.

Manchester City capacity at games

City often has criticism due to a lack of fans. For example, in the 2022/23 campaign, Manchester City averaged 96.8% capacity. A strong turnout, but still 13th in the Premier League in that statistic. Also, it is the worst of the traditional ‘big six’ clubs.

The argument is that more seats are harder to fill. Yet, this potential expansion to Etihad Stadium would certainly bring in more revenue over a campaign. Few teams play as many games as Manchester City in the world of club soccer.

Etihad Stadium expansion and more

Plans to add more seats is just the beginning of what City has in store for its expansion. The club also included a designated fan zone with shops just outside the stadium to add to the experience. Plus, it mentioned a museum and on-site hotel for fans and patrons.

The goal of the feasibility studies is to grow the fan experience, both on matchdays and off days. Manchester City also welcomes comments from fans to add their takes on what should be added to the experience in the area surrounding Etihad Stadium.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Revierfoto