Despite signing a new contract with PSG just five months ago, French superstar Kylian Mbappé is ready to put his name back in the transfer market.

Paris Saint-Germain superstar Kylian Mbappé is reportedly extremely unhappy with his current club. The France international is supposedly so upset that he wants to switch teams as early as January.

French journalist Julien Laurens claimed that the player feels misled by PSG. “He feels betrayed by the club in the sense that all the things the club promised him when he signed that new deal until 2025 have not happened,” Laurens stated on BBC radio.

“The promises they would sign a new striker so he could play in his best position off the striker, that Neymar wouldn’t be there and he would be sold, that they would sign a center back, and he would be at the center of the project. All of these things have not happened.”

Previously, Mbappé shocked many in the sport by re-signing with the Parisian club in May. Although experts and fans assumed he would make the switch to Real Madrid, Mbappé instead signed the most lucrative contract in the sport. Along with his base salary, the Frenchman also reportedly received a huge sign-on bonus to stay in Paris as well.

Kylian Mbappé in the transfer market

Because of this massive contract, a move away from PSG will be difficult. Also, the French champions have no intentions on allowing their star to leave in January. PSG’s sporting director Luis Campos has even rejected claims that his player wants to leave. “I am with Kylian Mbappé every day,” Campos told Canal Plus. ”He has never talked to me about leaving in January.”

Nevertheless, Telegraph reports that suitors will have to pay a minimum of $291 million to transfer Mbappé to their club. This fee could even go as high as $340 million.

A January transfer seems very unlikely at the moment. Even a summer move away from Paris would be extremely difficult for a club to pull off. Real Madrid was previously interested in signing Mbappé on a free transfer this past summer, but it remains to be seen if they would shell out the massive money for a transfer fee.

It seems as if the player and team could be set for a standoff. Either Mbappé could force his way out of the club or PSG cave to his demands.