Following Julian Nagelsmann’s request, Toni Kroos has returned to the German national team, thanks to his stellar play for Real Madrid. Thus, he confirmed his participation in the next matches against France and the Netherlands.

“Guys, let me tell you. I will play for Germany again in March. Why? Because I was asked by the federal coach, I’m in the mood and I’m sure that with the team at the European Championship, much more is possible than most believe right now!”

“Julian contacted me and asked me if I could imagine it, which wasn’t in my mind until then. We agreed I would take the idea with me and see what happens. I’ve thought about the idea: What if so? What if not? With every conversation, without going into too much detail, I became more and more convinced.

“That’s why I wanted to decide in good time so as not to keep anyone waiting. I’m very, very happy with my decision. It took me a while to be certain. Of course I want to help. But I’m definitely not the savior either. I’m just a cog that meshes with the others to hopefully make it work. I know the boys, I know the players, all of them have great qualities.

“Now it’s time to show that as a team I still feel good and physically ready to do it without any problems. The fact that I’m needed for the tournament in my country is an incentive”, he said on Instagram.

When and why did Kroos retire from national team?

This is great news for Julian Nagelsmann and his team as they prepare for a potentially eventful summer of international soccer. After losing in the quarterfinals of the 2020 Euro, Kroos initially left the German team.

The midfielder made 106 appearances while wearing the Germany shirt. The DFB had previously won the World Cup in 2014. However, their 2018 performance was lackluster, as they crashed out of the competition in the group stage. Germany repeated their 2018 misfortune by falling out of the tournament early in 2022, making their competitive international debut without Kroos.

What did Germany manager say about Kroos and Euro 2024?

The midfielder has been in sensational form recently for Real Madrid. In a sea of promising young players, he serves as an example of consistency and maturity as his side seeks a third La Liga championship in as many years. This has led coach Julian Nagelsmann to state that the rest of the team is embracing the veteran’s return.

“Toni has a very clear view of the state of our national team. With every conversation I’ve had with him, I’ve sensed an increasing enthusiasm to be part of the home European Championships and support us, despite his actual retirement.”

“I spoke to a lot of players on the phone beforehand and listened carefully to whether anyone might have a problem with Kroos. On the contrary! Everyone was very positive. He will fit perfectly into the team we have in mind as a link player in midfield. He will do us good with his experience and routine,” Nagelsmann told Der Spiegel.