In this John Nicholson interview, World Soccer Talk’s Kyle Fansler chats with the soccer and mystery writer. This is the fourth episode in our Show ‘n’ Tell series where we bring on members of the soccer media.

John Nicholson Interview

John Nicholson is far more than just a writer. Yes, he does have a column that goes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Football365. However, he also involves himself with Rock Candy Magazine to go along with his T-shirt business, T-Shirts 365.

Also, he is a fiction writer, with a lengthy mystery series in his Nick Guymer collection. He sold thousands of copies after only recently getting into the mystery-writing field.

Similarly, John also publishes non-fiction books that pertain to soccer commentary off the field. Things like ownership, culture and the modern-state of the game. He has four books available on his website in the ‘football’ section.

Perhaps the most notable of these is We Ate All the Pies. In our John Nicholson interview, he discusses the premise of the book and how the sport helps to define and give structure to people’s lives.

LISTENJohn Nicholson interview from Oct. 2015.

The book is a hit. In fact, John shows the certificate he received from William Hill for the book’s nomination as Sports Book of the Year in 2010.

Much of John’s writing for Football365 aligns itself with his books. Things behind the scenes that we do not see on box scores or tables after fixtures demand more attention from John. In many ways, he sheds light on the topics or issues that go underrepresented in the game currently.

In the John Nicholson interview, he shows what it manes to truly overcome imposter syndrome. John says he never truly felt like he belonged, and that one day he would get found out. Now, with a substantial following on his blog on Football365 and thousands of copies of his books sold, John is firmly and professionally a great writer.


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