The anxious supporters of Manchester City need not worry anymore about Pep Guardiola and his recovery from surgery. The revered boss is back at City’s training facility to help the club in practice.

After missing nearly three weeks of action with the treble winners, the Spaniard was seen returning to training on Wednesday. The experienced manager had emergency surgery in August when he began experiencing excruciating back pain. He returned to Barcelona to see a spinal surgery expert.

According to a statement from Manchester City, Guardiola’s treatment was standard. The 52-year-old stayed in Spain to rest and recover.

Guardiola returns from surgery recovery to a perfect record

City won both of its fixtures without Guardiola. First came a 2-1 victory at Sheffield United. Then, Erling Haaland scored a hat trick during a 5-1 thrashing of Fulham at the Etihad. scoring a hat trick. Assistant manager Juanma Lillo oversaw both of these triumphs.

Inigo Dominguez, Lorenzo Buenaventura, and Carlos Vicens aided Lillo behind the scenes while Guardiola rested. The boss kept in touch with the coaching staff while he was away. Still, the Citizens will benefit greatly from his return on Saturday when they travel to face West Ham.

There had been some questions as to whether the City manager would return to action this weekend. On Thursday, cameras spotted Guardiola instructing his players at the Manchester City Football Academy Ground.

He seemed to be in good shape as well, flashing a grin for the camera during one photo and cutting an enthusiastic figure as he led his players through a drill in another, the Daily Mail suggests.

When is Guardiola expected to return?

In terms of the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, Pep’s return couldn’t have come at a better moment. The Sky Blues will first face the Hammers in a crucial league match, and then on Tuesday, they will play Red Star Belgrade in their long-awaited opener as the reigning Champions League winners.

With Guardiola back at the helm, Manchester City are off to a great start in the new season, topping the English standings after four games. The club’s fans and players can expect the maestro’s tactical brilliance and direction as they strive to achieve their lofty season goals.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Sportsphoto