Liverpool announced it sold a minority stake in the club to a United States investment group. Fellow American firm Fenway Sports Group (FSG) will still maintain a vast majority stake in the club. Nevertheless, Dynasty Equity is acquiring a small percentage of the Premier League side.

“We are honored to partner with FSG and support the remarkable legacy of Liverpool in a strategic partnership that builds upon mutual respect and deep relationships among our respective teams,” proclaimed Jonathan Nelson, Dynasty’s executive chairman.

New investors will not give Reds more money to spend on transfers

The move will, however, not give the Reds a massive boost in transfer funds for new players. Instead, the minority investment helps FSG and Liverpool pay off previous debt. This includes easing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as paying off recent summer transfer fees. Dynasty will also help financially with recent renovations to Anfield and the building of the team’s training facility.

FSG still plans on being with Liverpool for long haul despite debt

FSG also maintained that the decision will not affect their long-term plans with the club. “Our long-term commitment to Liverpool remains as strong as ever,” FSG president Mike Gordon stated.

“We have always said that if there is an investment partner that is right for Liverpool then we would pursue the opportunity to help ensure the club’s long-term financial resiliency and future growth.”

“We look forward to building upon the long-standing relationship with Dynasty to further strengthen the club’s financial position and sustain our ambitions for continued success on and off the pitch.”

The Guardian has reported that Liverpool’s debts reached around $182 million this summer. This was mostly down to the team’s repurchase of a training ground and incoming summer transfers. As a result, FSG had been looking for a new partner to take on a minority investment in the club. FSG chose Dynasty after talks with several other financial firms.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Colorsport