After 5 days of Copa America Centenario coverage, FOX Sports is averaging 869,286 viewers for its games on FS1.

The top 7 matches televised on FOX Sports 1 thus far have been:

• USA vs. Costa Rica 1,600,000
• USA vs. Colombia 1,302,000
• Argentina vs. Chile 862,000
• Colombia vs. Paraguay 739,000
• Mexico vs. Uruguay 619,000
• Brazil vs. Ecuador 598,000
• Panama vs. Bolivia 365,000

To date, there has been one game televised on FOX Sports 2 (Peru vs. Haiti), which had a viewing audience average of 138,000. For FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2, the viewing audience average is 777,875.

The 1.6 million viewing figure for USA vs. Costa Rica is most-watched men’s soccer match in FS1’s network history. The US-Costa Rica ratings also marked a full 260% rise over the average to date of US Men’s National Team friendlies on FS1 (445,000 viewers).

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It should be noted that the above viewing numbers do not include the two matches that were televised live on the FOX broadcasting network last Saturday (Costa Rica-Uruguay and Jamaica-Venezuela). The viewing figures for those two games should be available later this week.

Next up for the United States is a do-or-die Group A match against Paraguay, in which a loss will eliminate the Americans before the knockout stage. Coverage begins Saturday at 6:00 PM ET live on FS1.

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Here are the reported TV viewing numbers for all of the Copa America Centenario games thus far (except for games on FOX and Univision where those numbers haven’t been made available as of press time):

Pos. Teams No. of viewers TV Network Game time (ET) Date
1 Mexico vs. Uruguay 5,100,000 Univision & Univision Deportes 8-10pm Sun., June 5
2 USA vs. Colombia 3,900,000 Univision, Univision Deportes & UniMas 9:30-11:30pm Fri., June 3
3 Colombia vs. Paraguay 2,800,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 10:30pm-12:30am Tues., June 7
4 USA vs. Costa Rica 2,500,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 8-10pm Tues., June 7
5 Jamaica vs. Venezuela 1,900,000 Univision & Univision Deportes 5-7pm Sun., June 5
6 USA vs. Costa Rica 1,600,000 FOX Sports 1 8-10pm Tues., June 7
7 USA vs. Colombia 1,302,000 FOX Sports 1 9:30-11:30pm Fri., June 3
8 Argentina vs. Chile 1,157,000 Univision Deportes 10pm-Midnight Mon., June 6
9 Brazil vs. Ecuador 883,000 Univision Deportes 9:30-11:30pm Sat., June 4
10 Argentina vs. Chile 862,000 FOX Sports 1 10pm-Midnight Mon., June 6
11 Colombia vs. Paraguay 739,000 FOX Sports 1 10:30pm-12:30am Tues., June 7
12 Mexico vs. Uruguay 619,000 FOX Sports 1 8-10pm Sun., June 5
13 Haiti vs. Peru 613,000 Univision Deportes 7:30-9:30pm Sat., June 4
14 Brazil vs. Ecuador 598,000 FOX Sports 1 9:30-11:30pm Sat., June 4
15 Costa Rica vs. Uruguay 516,000 Univision Deportes 5-7pm Sat., June 4
16 Panama vs. Bolivia 498,000 Univision Deportes 7-9pm Mon., June 6
17 Panama vs. Bolivia 365,000 FOX Sports 1 7-9pm Mon., June 6
18 Haiti vs. Peru 138,000 FOX Sports 2 7:30-9:30pm Sat., June 4

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