After the devastating floods from Storm Daniel, the Libya Football Federation (LFF) confirmed the death of four soccer players.

There was severe destruction in the port city of Derna as a consequence of floods caused by the failure of two dams. Officials in Tripoli, Libya’s internationally recognized capital, have confirmed the deaths of approximately 20,000 people and the disappearance of thousands more.

Another victim confirmed in tragic Libya floods

The LFF released a message on social media expressing sympathy for the players’ families and all those affected by the tragedy, adding “We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.” They also confirmed that the natural disaster had tragically taken the lives of four local soccer players, Shaheen Al-Jamil, Monder Sadaqa, and brothers Saleh and Ayoub Sasi.

The Sasi brothers were former academy players for the Derna-based Premier League club Darnes, for whom Sadaqa played. Meanwhile, Al-Jamil had just joined with rival side, Al-Tahaddi.

According to BBC Sport Africa, another footballer named Ibrahim Al-Qaziri was also among those who perished in the floodwaters. He started his professional career with different Premier League clubs in Libya before joining the second tier Nusour Martouba.

Derna is the city hit hardest

Adding to Derna’s problems, the floods destroyed the city’s stadium for Darnes, the local club. Darnes is a Derna-based club that competes in the First Division of Libyan soccer. The other local club is Al-Afreky.

An iconic metropolitan symbol, their stadium had just been restored after being devastated in the civil war. In addition, Libya’s FA has also announced the cancellation of games scheduled for the next few days. As a result, they may devote their full attention to getting ready for the next World Cup qualifying matches.

Multiple organizations around the nation led relief activities for flood victims. They are sending shipments of food and emergency goods in convoys to the African nation.