Football Manager 2023, the most immersive sports game on the market, is back. FM 23’s additions are mostly cosmetic, but the new match engine creates a dynamic and enjoyable experience.

FM23 cosmetic changes

Football Manager’s acquisition of UEFA’s licensing for club competitions generates a new wave of engagement. There’s nothing like seeing the presentation during the draws. Hearing the UEFA Champions League music as your team takes the field is an exhilarating feeling. It would’ve been nice if Sports Interactive licensed the rights for Euro and the Nations League since they are also UEFA entities.

Speaking of international competition, Football Manager 2023 missed the ball by not improving this component in single-player career mode especially since the 2022 FIFA World Cup begins after the game’s release.

Front Office Alterations

New options are available when creating your manager.

The body types, hair styles, clothes and accessories in Football Manager 2023 give characters distinct looks.

The Squad Planner feature improves the recruiting process in the game. Using the planner, you can visually see how you want to improve your team moving forward. You can even add players from your scouting shortlist to the planner to see how they would fit in your team’s future.

Recruitment Focuses enables gamers to prioritize different transfer options, nations and player roles based on your tactics when scouting for talent. Agent interaction is a major improvement also. Now, you can discuss terms with an agent before pursuing a player. For example, I tried to sign Brazilian wonderkid Endrick in my Atletico Madrid save. Before I made a bid to Palmeiras, I was able to understand the club’s asking price and the contract the teenager would prefer. It makes the process easier and realistic.

Match Engine Improvements

The Supporter Confidence system attempts to create the impact fans have on their favorite teams.

With the rise of Fan TVs and social media, the voice of the supporter is louder than ever. The board has expectations along with the fanbase and at some clubs, their patrons have a bigger impact in the club’s operations.

The Dynamic Manager Timeline details the highlights in your career. The star of the show is the improved match engine. The AI makes more in-game adjustments. There are times when you can see midfielders or wingers switching spots to try to take advantage of their opponents. The 50/50 chances, movements of the goalkeepers and the different types of goals scored are more realistic.

There is also an improvement in dribbling and defensive positioning. So far it seems like the gegenpressing tactic is the most effective tactic in the new engine. The graphics in Football Manager will never match EA Sports’ quality but it provides an enjoyable look at the beautiful game.


Mods take the Football Manager 2023 to another level. You can download face packs for players, logo packs for teams, add nations to the game and more.

Currently I am coaching Tema Youth in Ghana’s second division and dream of lifting the African Champions League. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and more.