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Can soccer leagues have different rules?

Soccer is one of the simplest sports there is. Kick the ball into the goal, score one point at a time, and don't touch the ball with your hands. There are some more nuanced laws of the game, but overall the sport is fairly straightforward and simple. So the rules should be the same everywhere […]

Grant Wahl

/ 348 days ago

Classy Telemundo pays tribute to Grant Wahl

Telemundo paid tribute to Grant Wahl in a very classy way in their World Cup closing montage on Sunday. The former FOX Sports reporter died suddenly after suffering an aortic aneurysm during the World Cup quarterfinal between Argentina and Netherlands. In its tribute to writer, author and analyst Grant Wahl, Telemundo Deportes revealed a message […]


/ 360 days ago

How soccer fandom is a social superpower

So, the Netherlands knocked the USA out of the World Cup group stage, but the party isn’t over for American soccer fans. We still have much to celebrate. We’ve got the joy of watching the remaining superstars and rising stars battle it out on the field. And who doesn’t love the multicultural pageantry of fans, […]

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6 reasons why soccer is the sport of now, not the future

"Soccer is the sport of the future." We've been hearing this sentiment in the United States for nearly five decades now. From the all-too-fleeting glory of the original North American Soccer League and the explosion of youth soccer in the 1970s, up to the present day, the sport has perpetually been perched on the edge […]