FIFA opened an investigation into Spanish Football President Luis Rubiales. The executive earned criticism for the way he treated players after Spain won the Women’s World Cup. Not only did he kiss Jenni Hermoso during the celebration. He awkwardly promised a trip to Ibiza to celebrate with the players. Additionally, that is where he said he would marry Hermoso.

Pundits, fans and even some players have stood up against Rubiales for his actions. For example, Hermoso released a statement in conjunction with her agency that voiced protection for players.

“We ask the RFEF to implement the necessary protocols and to ensure the rights of our players and adopt exemplary measures. It is essential that our national team is represented by figures that project its values of equality and respect in all areas. It is necessary to continue advancing in the fight for equality, a fight that our female players have led with determination, bringing us to the position we are in today.”

Now, FIFA is looking to protect the players, too. The governing body has opened disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales. FIFA released a statement saying Rubiales’s actions may go against the FIFA Disciplinary Code. Article 13 paragraphs one and two relate to basic conduct among players and officials in the game.

FIFA investigation into Rubiales comes after minimal apology

Rubiales did issue an apology via a video after people seeing the incident took exception. However, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the apology was not enough.

“But it is true that there has been some behavior, in this case of Mr. Rubiales, which shows that in our country there is still a long way to go in terms of equality and respect and in this equalization of rights between women and men, Sanchez said. “The apologies made by Mr. Rubiales are not enough. I even think that they are not appropriate and that, therefore, Mr. Rubiales needs to continue to take steps to clarify what we all saw,” added Sánchez.

This incident with Rubiales comes after 15 players in the Spanish Women’s team sent letters asking for change in the federation. They claimed their mental health was belittled under head coach Jorge Vilda. Rubiales defended Vilda. Only three of the 15 players to send letters of resignation made it into the Women’s World Cup squad that won the tournament.