The interview about FIFA 09 with Aaron McHardy from EA Sports is now available on the EPL Talk Podcast.

Interviewed by Johnathan Starling, McHardy discusses the latest features of FIFA 09 as well as answering questions from you, the readers, and chatting about his playing career which included participating in a World Cup qualifier match for Jamaica.

The episode, number 107, marks the debut of Johnathan Starling as host of the EPL Talk Podcast. Starling is a chief contributor at EPL Talk who many of you know from hosting the EPL Talk Chat, writing for the site as well as being the host of The Third Half Podcast, which is available via the EPL Talk Podcast stream at iTunes and the podcast website.

The Third Half is released on a twice weekly basis, while the EPL Talk Podcast will be released on a frequent basis based on the availability of interview guests.