Euro 2024 is still a ways off, but the kits for the competition are emerging this Fall. Case in point, the upcoming 2024 England primary shirt by Nike has been leaked ahead of the official release.

The Three Lions appear to be returning to a more traditional look, after donning a gradient-shouldered home outfit for the 2022 World Cup and matches in 2023.

The 2024 England Home Shirt

The top is in England’s traditional white, with blue trim on the collar, sleeves, and sides. But there is more to this seemingly-basic shirt than meets the eye.

First, the blue color throughout is a shade darker than the color on the official standard England badge. We saw the lighter color on the 2022-23 version of the shirts.

Look closer and you’ll notice an unusual hybrid v-neck/polo collar. On the inner neckline and the sleeve cuffs, there is thin trim in blue, bright red, and a purple / magenta color.

This coloring is carried through on a stylized Saint George’s Cross, from the England flag, located on the back of the collar.

The team crest, complete with a white star for their 1966 World Cup victory, and Nike emblem appear to be lightweight heat-pressed applications instead of embroidery. The savings of those extra few grams of weight will surely improve team performance, right?

Dark blue side panels go right from the hemline up onto the underside of the sleeves. In addition, an embossed texture is throughout the white portions of the top (at least on the more expensive authentic version the players will wear).

Overall it’s a sharp return to form for England. It’s the classic look and feel, but with some interesting bits to make it stand out. And while the bold coloring on the trim adds some flashiness, it blends together from a distance so it’s not too outlandish.

England set for Euros

Now that their threads are sorted, England will soon find out who they’ll be playing next summer in Germany.

The draw for Euro 2024 will take place this Saturday, December 2. England is in Pot 1 for the draw alongside the other top-ranked teams – hosts Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, and Belgium. Three spots remain in the tournament, with playoffs next spring to determine the final competitors. Wales, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Israel, Iceland, and Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece, Kazakhstan are the groupings for these playoffs.

Kit rendering: World Soccer Talk.