Authorities inside the Netherlands are attempting to crack down on fan violence surrounding soccer matches.

High-ranking Dutch police figures are attempting to bar certain foreign fans from attending games inside the country. This ban would essentially be for supporters of clubs that previously showed violent tendencious on Dutch soil.

The call comes from Amsterdam police chief Frank Paauw. The official directly cites an incident during a recent matchup between AZ Alkmaar and Legia Warsaw.

Select traveling Legia fans clashed with Dutch police before the Europa Conference League game on October 5th. A police officer was even allegedly knocked unconscious during the brawl. Two Legia players were also then arrested following the match as well.

Chief of police cites safety as main reason for potential ban

“The direct reason for our call is that in a short time around Europe,
a number of violent incidents have occurred consecutively during football matches,” Paauw stated in a letter to area mayors.

“Despite that we saw a slight decrease in the total number of violent incidents last season in professional football, our colleagues are increasingly confronted with coordination and organized violent supporter violence.”

“There is more extreme and more organized violence, in which the police increasingly appear to be targeted. That was the case in the most recent incident on October 5th. The riot police colleagues were not only physically attacked, in which one officer was kicked unconscious, but weapons of violence were also taken from them.”

Legia fans first target of ban by Dutch police

Paauw claims that the decision ultimately comes down to safety. This includes police officers, those involved in the games, as well as local residents. Due to potential violent incidents during matches, police officers can’t perform their regular duties.

Legia fans will be the first target for Paauw and Dutch authorities. The police chief believes the Polish club’s supporters should be completely banned from the Netherlands. Legia fans will travel to England, as their club will face Aston Villa in November.

Photo credit: IMAGO / ANP