Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan provided a significant indication regarding the club’s potential for a preseason summer tour in the USA.

Plans for next year’s preseason are already in the works. They include what may be Liverpool‘s first trip to the United States in five years. The last time the Reds came to the United States was in 2019.

Despite doing training camps in Austria, the Reds spent the last two preseasons in Singapore. However, a voyage over the Atlantic looks set to be in the near future.

When planning for the 2024-25 offseason, Liverpool’s CEO Billy Hogan suggested the club would go to the USA. He told The Athletic that he is seriously considering a North American tour in 2024.

“It’s not set yet, but it’s definitely on the table,” Hogan said.

July 2024

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Liverpool has not done summer tour in USA since 2019

Liverpool has a massive following of American supporters. When the Reds came Stateside in 2019, they went to Indiana, Boston and New York. That season, the club won the Premier League. Even though COVID-19 eliminated a summer tour in the summer of 2020, Liverpool squeezed in a quick trip to Austria.

In fact, they even managed to repeat it the following year before heading to Evian, France. Last summer, Jurgen Klopp and his players went on tour to Singapore, Germany, and Austria. The team switched their pre-season dates this time around, going to Germany before Singapore.

Will USA host Premier League games?

Meanwhile, there is no foreseeable end in sight for American soccer fans eager to watch the Premier League in their own country. This past month, 270,000 people who went to see teams like Chelsea, Newcastle, Brighton, Aston Villa, Brentford and Fulham play in this year’s Premier League Summer Series.

But Premier League chief executive Richard Masters recently claimed there is now no chance of a competitive top-flight game taking place in the United States. “I don’t think we’re really any nearer a game abroad. It’s not part of current plans,” he told The Athletic this Wednesday.

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