Every summer, soccer fans eagerly await the announcement of which club teams will be visiting the United States for a series of exhibition matches.

Friendlies are useful for teams in two ways. One great thing about them is that they help you get in shape for matches before the new season starts. The soccer season in Europe, for example, often starts in August.

Hence, they provide a chance for managers to test out new formations and debut newly signed star players. The second benefit is that the clubs’ bottom lines and fan bases are both boosted by the games.

When foreign soccer players play friendlies, American fans get to witness them play, which is a fantastic opportunity. Younger players and new signings might also get additional experience in soccer friendly.

Therefore, the decision of which players to include in their teams’ lineups is left to the discretion of each manager or coach. For some coaches, the best way to showcase their young talents is to give them game time. Some coaches believe that starting the stars of the next European season is the best way to establish team cohesion.

English teams to go ‘globetrotting’ this summer

With the 2023-24 season drawing to a close, Premier League clubs have already planned their trips to the United States.

Many clubs have already decided to do their preseason tours in the United States. This includes Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United. In a series of contests, they will compete against one another.

Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City have already confirmed their place in the schedule of summer friendlies in the United States. Also, Aston Villa is playing games in the United States, with further rumors setting up games involving Newcastle, Wolves, West Ham and Everton.

Each of those teams is playing preseason games in the United States. Select clubs also have plans to play games immediately following the current Premier League campaign. This happens so clubs can continue the popularity momentum from the season and build international audiences. Also, it helps cater to schedules for international audiences.

New FA rule may cancel postseason friendlies abroad

However, a potential regulation change that would prevent Premier League teams from playing friendly matches just after the season ends is being considered by the FA.

Three days after the season’s peak, Newcastle and Tottenham scheduled a friendly contest. After these two clubs’ decisions, the FA worried about the players’ well-being. To top it all off, the match is in Melbourne, Australia, which is more than 10,500 miles away. Just one day after finishing their 38-game Premier League seasons, both teams will have to travel 21,000 miles round trip to compete.

Even more so, there’s worry that several players from both clubs may play for their national teams in upcoming tournaments. It’s important to note that the UEFA European Championship and the Copa America will take place in June and July. With that in mind, the FA may ban Premier League teams from playing preseason friendly matches directly after the domestic campaign ends, according to The Times.

Keep in mind that the FA Cup rules will be changing for the 2024–25 cycle. Replays will no longer feature in any part of the competition beginning next season. It will all come down to one match.