As we near the end of the 2023-24 season, Premier League teams are already making arrangements for a US tour.

The likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal have all confirmed that the United States will play host to their preseason tours. There will be a string of matches in which they face off against one another.

This will be Liverpool and Manchester United’s first meeting in the US since 2018. It will take place on July 31 in Philadelphia. Their last game was in Ann Arbor’s Michigan Stadium six years ago when 101,000 spectators were present.

Chelsea and Manchester City have already confirmed their participation in the Soccer Champions Tour. This summer, it will take place in six US cities, including AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Barcelona. In the first two games of the collection, Man City will take against AC Milan and Barcelona. Meanwhile, Real Madrid will be the last opponent for Chelsea.

Also, Aston Villa will play a friendly versus Columbus Crew, the defending MLS Cup winners, as part of their return to the US this summer. In the weeks and months ahead, further preseason games will be announced.

More Premier League teams to tour the US?

It has now been reported that a preseason event in the US has extended invitations to many other teams. Per Chronicle Live, it would have West Ham, Everton, Wolves, and Newcastle competing against each other.

This news source first broke the news that a three-game series beginning on August 3 would take place in Tampa Bay, Connecticut, and Jacksonville (Florida). Nevertheless, rumor has it that the event has not been officially sanctioned as yet. In particular, since Wolves and West Ham are still in the hunt for a place in Europe’s qualifying round. On the other hand, Everton are battling relegation.

West Ham and Wolves are two of the additional teams going stateside
West Ham and Wolves are two of the additional teams going stateside

West Ham and Wolves are two of the additional teams going stateside

But controversy has engulfed Newcastle, who will face Tottenham in a postseason match in Australia. It will be not long after the Premier League season concludes in May.

Nothing has been officially announced as of yet, and the Ohio Cup, an earlier U.S. preseason competition, was abruptly canceled, as reported by Chronicle Live. Thus, this time around, the results of the Premier League season will most certainly play a deciding impact.

Until an official announcement is made, fans should not make any reservations.

Thrilling chance for quartet

If confirmed, however, the Hammers would be embarking on their second far-flung tour in as many years. Following their triumph in the Europa Conference League final in Prague last summer, they embarked on a preseason tour of Australia.

However, for Everton supporters throughout the globe, the chance to see their team play in the US is a thrilling possibility. Even if they are far away, they may still feel a stronger connection to the club. All thanks to this unique opportunity to see their favorite team play live.

Playing home games in America also gives the Toffees a better chance of drawing in spectators from all around the world. This boosts the club’s profile and opens doors for potential sponsors throughout the world.

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