Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino are both laid-back about the possibility of future penalties for their clubs.

Manchester City and Chelsea are under investigation by the Premier League and Football Association (FA) for a series of financial issues.

Both coaches recently commented on the potential problems after Everton were docked points for violating financial regulations.

The Toffees were hit with a 10-point deduction after an independent panel agreed that the club breached the league’s profitability and sustainability rules (PSR).

Everton posted losses of about $154 million during a recent three-year period. However, Premier League rules state that team cannot record losses over $130 million during this timeframe.

Guardiola claims City and Everton cases are not the same

Manchester City would seemingly be in significantly more trouble should they be found guilty of breaking the financial laws.

Everton was essentially only found guilty of a single breach. Nevertheless, the reigning European champions currently face 115 charges.

Despite the precarious situation, Guardiola has asked not to be judged until the end of the investigation. “You are questioning like we have been punished,” Guardiola said after being asked about a potential penalty for the problems.

“At this moment we are innocent until guilt is proved. I know the people want it. I know, I feel it. I will wait. Wait and see it and after the sentence has been done we will come here and explain it.”

The City manager also claimed that his club’s issue is not quite the same as Everton’s. “Maybe you know but [I] asked our team and they are two completely different cases,” continued Guardiola. “I know when people are saying – ‘Okay, City – why don’t they go to the Conference?’ Wait. Wait. And after what’s going to happen is going to happen.”

“It’s two different cases. It’s not the same. Honestly. I spoke with my people and said it is completely different. Okay, the other one is longer because it is more complicated because it’s 115 breaches. So wait.”

Chelsea boss hasn’t spoken with ownership regarding issue

Much like Guardiola, Pochettino is also remaining patient on Chelsea’s situation. The Blues could possibly face a significant points deduction as well. English soccer authorities are combing through a series of financial red flags that occurred during the Roman Abramovich era.

There are rumors about potential punishments following Everton’s punishment
There are rumors about potential punishments following Everton’s punishment

There are rumors about potential punishments following Everton’s punishment

This includes several alleged offshore payments from 2012 to 2017.

Pochettino was asked directly about the concern at a press conference on Friday. The manager claimed that he was not worried about a potential points deduction. He then also claimed that he has not talked to the club’s ownership regarding the situation.

“We didn’t talk about it,” claimed Pochettino. “It’s not my place to speak about.”

UEFA has already fined Chelsea over $10 million earlier this summer for the financial irregularities. However, the west London club could also face further penalties by English officials. This includes a stronger points deduction than Everton recently received.

Both Chelsea and Manchester City are attempting to ignore the dark cloud hovering over their heads at the moment. After all, the teams must keep their heads down and continue on during the current campaign. The two teams resumed Premier League play this weekend after the international break completed. City was held at home to Liverpool, while Chelsea is set to travel to Newcastle on Saturday.

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