Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry said the best is hopefully yet to come for USMNT and AC Milan forward Christian Pulisic. After a disappointing spell at Chelsea, Pulisic moved to the Serie A outfit. There, he already has a pair of goals in three games. His three starts this season are only five fewer than his eight Premier League starts last season.

Speaking to media ahead of CBS’ coverage of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League on Paramount+, CBS Sports analysts Carragher and Henry spoke about what this season means for one of America’s brightest talents.

“We all see that there is a real player there,” Carragher said. “But, he’s been a little bit unlucky with injuries. I think the club he was at had so many players in his position, as well. We always felt he could get to another level, and we’re still waiting for him to make that jump.”

Carragher alluded to the anticipation Pulisic brought with him upon moving from Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea in 2019. His $65 million move made him the most expensive American transfer of all time. That record still stands despite eight Americans moving for more than $20 million since Pulisic’s transfer to Stamford Bridge.

“I think there is a really good player. He showed great flashes in a Chelsea shirt when I saw him,” Carragher said. “You always had this feeling that next season was going to be his season. You thought, ‘If he kept fit, if he had a really good preseason,’ this could be something special.”

Carragher, Henry think Milan can provide Pulisic an opportunity

Thierry Henry concurred. The French World Cup winner thinks Chelsea may have been too big of a step for a then-21-year-old talent.

“Nobody doubts his abilities,” Henry said. “At Milan, he is already answering the call. He started the season very well. It’s very important that you know when you can make mistakes.”

Henry says part of what makes Pulisic so successful with the USMNT is the fact that whatever he says goes. He does not carry the burden of only having a substitute appearance to prove himself with a goal contribution.

“It feels to me that he needs to know he is going to play. If you know that you have the luxury of making a mistake within the structure of the team, then you take risks. He’s a player that takes risks when he plays.”

Both Henry and Carragher confirm that Pulisic has the talent, it just has to come out. Perhaps being more involved and secured in a role at Milan can free the American to play more expressively.

“It’s up to him to show the world that he can perform,” Henry claimed. “And, right now, since he has arrived at Milan, he is doing extremely well.”

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