Once again, Napoli’s already difficult championship defense took a nosedive, adding fuel to the fire. Thus far this season, Napoli have had nothing but trouble.

Since the club has had three different coaches this season, Walter Mazzarri is the current head coach. They won the Scudetto the previous year under Luciano Spalletti.

However, they have had a difficult season so far, and their most recent loss, 3-0 against Torino, pushed them down to ninth position in the league.

Napoli in disarray as Osimhen clashes with agent of Kvaratskhelia

Another problem, this one off the field, has just emerged. The ball began rolling on Tuesday when Mamuka Jugeli, the agent for Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, discussed his client’s Napoli teammate, forward Victor Osimhen.

In a roundabout way, he said that the Nigerian lacked ambition. In contrast to his client Kvaratskhelia, he said that the striker will go to Saudi Arabia for financial reasons.

“Osimhen signed a new contract, but do you really think he will play for Napoli for his entire career? I’m telling you now, he will go to play in Saudi Arabia in the summer. Napoli increased Osimhen’s contract, but Khvicha would not accept a transfer to Saudi not even if I offered him a billion.”

“For example, he would prefer to play for Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona or maybe Manchester City. Kvaratskhelia has different objectives and preferences.”

It was obvious that Osimhen didn’t like what his teammate’s agent had to say. He took to social media to vent his frustration while being away with his national side, Nigeria, at the Africa Cup of Nations. In addition, the 25-year-old gave Jugeli a strong warning not to bring up his name in vague, hypothetical discussions.

“Dear Mamuka Jugeli, you are a piece of filth and a disgrace,” “I’m embarrassed at your sense of reasoning. Dumbf—! KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!”, the star responded via Instagram story.

How did Osimhen’s agent respond?

Roberto Calenda, who represents Osimhen, also fired back against Jugeli, calling his remarks “bad, superficial, and unacceptable.”

In particular, Calenda was worried that the player would face unjustified criticism from Napoli’s die-hard fans as a result of these rumors. He emphasized that Osimhen’s dedication to Napoli is unwavering, particularly considering his recent contract extension.

“Everyone must look into their own home and have respect for the work of others. It is not correct to talk about the future of other players. This creates misunderstandings and problems as well as unfortunate predictions.

“The alleged words of agent Mamuka Jugeli are bad, superficial and unacceptable. These words create problems for my player Victor Osimhen with Napoli fans without any reason of the reality. We have just signed a contract renewal and Victor’s only wish, in addition to the Africa Cup of Nations, is to help Napoli. Everything else is rubbish”.

Although this isn’t directly related to the feud between the two players, it’s still bad news for the Serie A team. Ultimately, the duo remain the global ambassadors for the squad.

With Kvaratskhelia and Osimhen as key players, Napoli was able to win the Scudetto last season. Although Kvara was regarded as the year’s finest acquisition, the Nigerian was crowned Most Valuable Player.