AC Milan has had good times and bad times under Silvio Berlusconi. The Italian prime minister has brought trophies and success to the rossoneri, but he has also dragged Milan into times of little money and negative results. This current period can’t be described as a prosperous one for AC Milan, old players, a new coach, and little money to spend has hurt the red half of Milan results-wise, but now Berlusconi has announced his plans for the club.

The biggest announcement from Berlusconi was about Ronaldinho possibly leaving Milan to return to Brazil or go to LA Galaxy in the MLS, this is what the AC Milan president said about the Brazilian,

“Ronaldinho is the biggest player of all time, he is indisputably Milan’s and he will remain with us for life. We will renew his contract. He is absolutely the most decisive player I’ve ever seen, we need to find the best position where he can give his maximum.”

Berlusconi continues by saying patronizingly to Massimiliano Allegri and the cameras that AC Milan needs to use two forwards, and play attacking football. Berlusconi also says that so far AC Milan has done very well in the transfer market; Amelia has always been his favorite, Yepes is tough and good looking, and “Papa” or Papasthathopoulous cancelled out Messi in the World Cup.

Berlusconi also talked about how he has invested 1.1 billion Euros in his 25 years at the helm of the club, and then he went on to talk about Inter Milan and Massimo Moratti,

“I congratulate sincerely Moratti. After all the passion and money that he has put, he deserves the victories he conquered. He has invested 125% of the clubs profits to build a team. We (AC Milan) are choosing the route of youth, next year there are many players with expiring contracts and we’ll need to prepare well for the market.”

It’s these comments I find very interesting, AC Milan has some of the oldest players in the Serie A, and regarding the expiring contracts of older players, the rossoneri have just renewed Massimo Oddo’s contract until 2012… But regarding future incoming players, like maybe a Swede by the name of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Berlusconi has said that he doesn’t think that Ibra will fit well in AC Milan’s changing room, because of his character. So it is unlikely that Ibrahimovic will play for AC Milan while Berlusconi is the president.

But don’t worry, Silvio’s arrogance continues; he first says that Allegri is a maestro, but he (Berlusconi) is the professor, and then regarding last season he shared his thoughts on how he would’ve done as the coach,

“With me on the bench (as the coach) last season, AC Milan would’ve won the scudetto. I’ll confirm what I said in the past, anyway you already know: I consider myself number one in everything.”

That comment has to be considered the cherry on the top of the cake, a cake of miserly arrogance. While I doubt that this season will be a prosperous one for Berlusconi’s AC Milan, the Italian prime minister thinks otherwise. I’m not sure where this arrogance will take AC Milan, but I doubt it will bring any trophies.