Gary Lineker has ruffled feathers once again after branding the USA “an extraordinarily racist country.” The BBC host previously upset 2022 World Cup organizers by pointing out human rights issues in Qatar. FIFA, and the Middle Eastern nation, obviously didn’t much appreciate the strong words.

“We pointed facts out at the beginning of the tournament; those facts remain,” Lineker said in an interview with The News Agents. “So, lots of people were killed doing the stadiums. Yes, the stadiums are extraordinary, but at a great price. Homophobia is an issue here. Women’s rights are a little bit of an issue here.“

Gary Lineker labels the USA “extraordinarily racist”

After speaking about Qatar’s problems, Lineker then transitioned to the 2026 World Cup. The U.S., along with Canada and Mexico, will host the tournament in four years. “For me, it was always really more about the corruption side of it because, as I said previously, I think pretty much every country, including our own, has got issues,” Lineker continued. “And we’re off to America in four years’ time, with Canada and Mexico, but obviously America’s an extraordinarily racist country.“

“So, there’s always issues but it was more the fact that we just pointed out a few facts and particularly the aspect of it being so corrupt – they said it was going to be summer and it was in the winter. I don’t think anything’s particularly changed but it’s been a cracking tournament but that’s football; football is a wonderful sport.”

Lineker also claimed in the interview that Qatar officials failed to set up a meeting between the two sides. However, The Telegraph has reportedly seen e-mails sent from organizers in Qatar to BBC and their presenters regarding a potential summit.

Three North American countries will share the 2026 World Cup as hosts. However, U.S. cities will make up 11 of the 16 venues for the tournament.