USA’s exciting 2-0 win against Netherlands in the 2019 Women’s World Cup Final generated a viewing audience of 15.87 million across English-language and Spanish-language television and streaming in the United States.

On the over-the-air FOX network and FOX streaming sites, the final delivered 14,271,000 viewers, making it the most-watched soccer match on English-language television in the U.S. since the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup final. On Spanish-language Telemundo and its streaming services, the game delivered a Total Audience Delivery average of 1.6 million viewers ranking as the most-watched FIFA Women’s World Cup match in Spanish-language history, surpassing by 22% the 2015 USA vs. Japan final (1.27 million).

Overall, the TV viewing numbers for FOX’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup Final were impressive but disappointing. In 2015, FOX Sports broke the record for the most-watched soccer game in US television history. While the US women’s team faced more challenging matches in the 2019 tournament with France and England being difficult opponents to overcome, the 2019 competition wasn’t in primetime like the 2015 tournament was.

Compared to 2015, viewership on FOX Sports during the 2019 Women’s World Cup tournament was down 9%. The 2019 final itself was down 43% compared to the US-Japan final in 2015.

Across streaming platforms, Sunday’s match delivered an average minute audience of 289,000 viewers on FOX streaming services, making it the most-streamed FIFA Women’s World Cup final in history, up +402% over the same match in 2015.

Over the entire tournament, Telemundo Deportes set the Spanish-language record for the most-streamed FIFA Women’s World Cup ever, with a Total Audience Delivery average of 301,000 viewers – posting a 27% increase over the full 2015 tournament (237,000 viewers).

When we take into consideration the out-of-home viewing data for those who watched the game in gyms, offices, pubs, restaurants and other venues outside of the home, the viewing figures are more impressive. According to Tunity Analytics, the Women’s World Cup Final averaged 6.9 million out-of-home viewers, making it the second most-viewed soccer game of 2019. The out-of-home numbers for the USA-England semifinal averaged 8.54 million.