Versatility has bred a new, rare optimism with Spurs

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Trends hold true for attacking options. Son/Eriksen/Chadli is probably Spurs best attacking three at this moment, but for games when the team will need more pace, they have Andros Townsend and N’Jie for that. If they want more cunning guile in front of goal, Eriksen can be shifted out to the left and Carroll orMason can be played as a number 10. And all of these options are just the tip of the iceberg.

In the past Spurs would usually plug holes in their squad by signing new players, who often didn’t pan out or were pigeonholed into roles that didn’t make sense. In the new regime, if a player can’t play more than one or two positions as a midfielder, they may not even be considered as an option. This has made rotation easier, easing the burden on a squad that seemingly faces the most ominous fixture pile of any Premier League team.

Evolving is a constant struggle in the Premier League, but it seems Pochettino and his newly molded Spurs squad are doing just that. This, combined with the newfound defensive solidity, has garnered well deserved praise and optimism about the direction of the club. That is a rarity in the recent history of this club.

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The moaning about the Berahino craziness has subsided, and it has been replaced with genuine optimism. Everything feels harmonious around White Hart Lane for once, thanks in no small part to calculated decisions from the top to make the squad as versatile as possible.

Results prove it’s working.

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