10 ways that the US Men’s National Team is eerily similar to England

For some reason both fanbases think domestic coaches have the key to understanding the players and games in a way that foreign coaches do not, although many times a “foreign” perspective may be what is needed to shake up the national team system.

9. Not hosting the World Cup is baffling

Both nations have hosted a World Cup, but the fact that there are a number of first world countries that have not hosted this prestigious tournament but probably should is baffling to fans of both nations. Even setting aside the suspicious nature of Russia and Qatar winning the most recent bidding process, the idea that Australia (soccer isn’t even the most popular sport!) or the Netherlands could win a bid is incomprehensible to these fanbases. Don’t even try to suggest Canada to them, who just successfully hosted the Women’s World Cup.

10. Both have much better women’s national teams that do not get the respect from fans

Yes Three Lion fans, your women’s team is better and more successful than your men’s team in recent years. And don’t think you’re much better, U.S. fans; just look at NWSL attendance.


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