Andrew Jennings calls for revolution to oust Sunil Gulati from US Soccer

“It’s just not acceptable for a man to be earning $650,000 a year and know nothing. It’s quite disgraceful.”

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Jennings continued,

“I think there’s going to be a completely new fan-responsive leadership at US Soccer. People who say ‘I don’t mind traveling in the economy seats where the fans are. I don’t want to be in the posh seats in the front with the free champagne. I don’t want to go to Zurich and meet Sepp Blatter.’

“If you can have a non-violent revolution inside US Soccer, you’ll find the allies from Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe will agree with getting out of Zurich.

“America could play a fantastic role by getting rid of Gulati and Dan Flynn. And anybody who wants to support them, off they go. Go away. We reform the organization and that could be the end.”

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