David Beckham May Have Finally Found a Site For His Miami MLS Stadium

Alschuler said Miami Beckham United would examine the feasibility of filling the slip, and according to Gimenez, results of the group’s analysis should be completed within the next two weeks.

“Downtown Miami will greatly benefit from the creation of a grand waterfront park that will serve to bring our urban core closer to the water, providing a magnificent bay front walk along Biscayne Bay,” Gimenez wrote. “The uninterrupted green-space would connect the Miami River, through Bayfront Park, to Museum Park, creating and expanding one seamless waterfront pedestrian experience.”

The land next to the American Airlines Arena would be the ideal place for Beckham’s MLS team. Near another stadium, it would give Miami a feeling of togetherness as both soccer and basketball franchises would be playing next to each other.

Also, its location is ideal. There’s no need half a mile and over a bridge in the blazing hot sun. There’s no need to bring traffic congestion to the bridge. The location is near the convenient MetroRail station. And it’s right next to the water, just like Beckham wants it.

What are your thoughts regarding the new stadium site that could potentially be the home of Miami’s MLS team?

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