Chelsea Agree £32million Fee For Diego Costa, Says Report

Chelsea has agreed a £32million fee with Atletico Madrid for striker Diego Costa, according to Sky Sports sources.

Costa is reportedly in talks to secure a transfer to Chelsea sometime this summer. The English club is trying to tie up contracts and are most likely to make an announcement by June. Both parties want to wait until after the La Liga and Champions League titles have wrapped up as Costa has remained adamant in his focus on their dual title race.

Costa comes at a price. He has a £32 million buy-out clause that Chelsea has already allegedly agreed to pay. The Blues want to sign Costa before their rivals can jump on the chase for the 25-year old Spaniard. Mourinho has hinted at a quiet and quick transfer season, wanting to wrap up any contracts as early as possible. He’s also expressed interest at a striker with the ability to score goals and make a difference for their defense-heavy team.

No other club allowed fewer goals as Chelsea last season but often Mourinho’s side struggled on the offensive side of the pitch, with only 71 goals compared to Manchester City’s 102 and Liverpool’s 101 goals in the Premier League. Signing a striker like Costa could prove huge for them. With a solid defense, Chelsea could become a completely different team when not relying on Eden Hazard to score goals. Costa has made a big impact in Atletico Madrid’s run for both the La Liga and Champions League titles with 27 goals and 33 appearances in La Liga matches this season.

Although Costa suffered a hamstring injury against Malaga on Sunday, the Spaniard’s potential presence in their offense still makes him a worthy ticket for the Blues. Costa has been working hard to recover from injury and is looking to travel with Atletico Madrid to Barcelona on Saturday to play for the La Liga title. Following that Atletico will then face their rivals, Real Madrid, in the UEFA Champions League final on May 24th in Lisbon. Later this summer Costa will be heading to Brazil with the Spanish national team in search for a consecutive World Cup title.

6 thoughts on “Chelsea Agree £32million Fee For Diego Costa, Says Report”

  1. Good news,chelsea also need to get us lavessi,shaw,mandzukic,additional holding mf,bring lukaku&coutios back,& recently acquired french c.d,let mikel,tores,eto,ba,hilario,shwargzer,marin,romeo,kakuta,bartrand,cole,lamps go.keep luis too.up chelsea

  2. Good news anyway but the question is how are we so sure he will not end up like kezman, torres, shevchenko etc? I think our problem most of the time is not the striker but style of play. Too defensive and our midfielders to selfish.

  3. Think we should brink back lukaku and give him playing time to prove himself. Because he is a proven goal poacher in premier league already and may even perform better than Costa

  4. Just when you thought you couldnt hate Chelski more.. Costa is gonna be like Drogba -albeit tougher- when he first arrived, diving, cheating, time wasting etc especially when paired up with the lying cheatin hypocrite Mourinho who will tell him to overdo those things in the big games. All Mourinho needs to do now is sign Pepe !!!

  5. I just watched his highlight reel and it looks like he is a striker who simply benefits from his teams style of play that leaves him with some but not always a lot of work to do to score, not exactly the type of striker who can make something out of nothing like Suarez or Aguero. Teams can benefit from a ‘right time right place’ sort of player but I wouldn’t count on him solving all Chelsea’s front line woes.

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