NBC Sports Announces Partnership Deal With Soccerly

NBC Sports has partnered with soccer website Soccerly to beef up the amount and breadth of soccer coverage NBCSports.com offers.

Soccerly.com was launched in January 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs and soccer fans. Based in San Diego, CA, Soccerly is owned by the same group that founded soccer site, mediotiempo.com in 2000, considered the biggest and best soccer digital site in Mexico, which was acquired by Time, Inc. in 2010.

As part of its new relationship with the NBC Sports Group, Soccerly will provide NBCSports.com and its popular ProSoccerTalk with a combination of regional and global soccer editorial for World Cup, Champions League, European Championships and qualifying. Soccerly also focuses on the United States and Mexican national men’s and women’s teams; and will provide content around the world’s most popular leagues, including the Premier League, MLS, Liga MX, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga.

In World Soccer Talk’s review of the Pro Soccer Talk website that we published in November, we said that the website was only scratching the surface and there were opportunities for improvement. Based on today’s announcement, NBC Sports is heading in the right direction. One year ago, the coverage on Pro Soccer Talk was centered almost exclusively around MLS. But with the acquisition of Premier League TV rights, a stable of great writers (Mike Prindiville, Richard Farley, Joe Prince-Wright and Nicholas Mendola) and now the partnership deal with Soccerly, NBCSports.com is a must-visit site for soccer aficionados living in the US.

6 thoughts on “NBC Sports Announces Partnership Deal With Soccerly”

      1. I am, the soccerly site kinda sucks and this site is one of the best it would be nice to see you guys get that recognition.

  1. Wtf. Soccerly looks like yet another bland, boring, generic website. This site beats it hands down. Fans can come on here and comment on a wide range of topics. One of WST biggest strengths is it’s coverage of the coverage. If NBC wants a web strategy they should snap up a few websites including this one.

  2. Chris
    This is the best football site NBC made a mistake not hooking up with you.Glad your able to make WST your profession. Keep up the great work.

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