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WATCH Roy Keane Call Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Idiots After Reaction to Walcott Gesture [VIDEO]

roy keane WATCH Roy Keane Call Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Idiots After Reaction to Walcott Gesture [VIDEO]

ITV Sport pundit and former Manchester United captain Roy Keane called Tottenham Hotspur supporters idiots on live television today after their reaction to Theo Walcott’s gesture when he was stretchered off the pitch.

The incident happened during Arsenal’s 2-0 victory versus Tottenham Hotspur at the Emirates Stadium today in the FA Cup Third Round. Arsenal’s Theo Walcott rubbed in the Gunners victory against Tottenham by reminding them of the score after being carried off on a stretcher. As Walcott was carried toward the tunnel, Tottenham Hotspur fans directed verbal abuse toward Walcott.

Surprisingly, ITV pundit Roy Keane called Tottenham Hotspur fans idiots for the way they responded to Walcott, who — as Ian Wright said — was simply trying to remind Spurs fans what the score was.

Should ITV force Roy Keane to apologize to Tottenham Hotspur supporters, or did he have every right to criticize the negative reaction from Spurs fans? Share your opinion in the comments section below

Editor’s note: For the latest Spurs news, analysis and opinion, visit the Tottenham Hotspur team page.

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9 Responses to WATCH Roy Keane Call Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Idiots After Reaction to Walcott Gesture [VIDEO]

  1. dano328 says:

    Damn straight Roy made some decent commentary. If the situation were reversed I would say the over zealous Arsenal fans needed to be called out.

  2. zico59 says:

    Roy Keane was bang on the nail. As Theo was being carried off in front of the spuds, they started barracking him, so all he did was to remind them of the score….nothing offensive in that. You always get problems with spurs fans with almost every team in the league so this wasn’t surprising at all. Typical sour grapes from them where Arsenal are concerned.

  3. Flyvanescence says:

    No way should he have to apologize. We have become a world of pansies and crybabies where every negative comment causes people to get their panties in a wad.

    He said what he meant and he meant what he said.
    Get over it pansies.

    • JJ says:

      Well said. I feel that is the way it is across all sports now. Fans hurl abuses at players all game and if the guy makes one slip up he gets banned. We should ban the fans the same way we would the players. The NFL – No Fun League is another big culprit of this.

      • Flyvanescence says:

        Agreed about the NFL.
        I hate the NFL as an organization almost as much as i love NFL football.
        SERIOUSLY a 15-yard penalty and a fine for a celebration etc.?

  4. Tom says:

    This is the same “idiot” who should have been sent to jail for his deliberate career ending tackle on Haaland..

  5. Mark Williamson says:

    No apology needed, if you are offended tune him out. He spoke his piece as he saw it, no one was hurt by the remark, deal with it.

  6. dust says:

    the idiots that threw the coins are a disgrace and should be embarrassed. Sadly no different to farsenal fans throwing coins and chairs at Adebyor when he played for city and ran down the other end, or even those man city fans that threw coins at Rio Ferdinand.

    There is no place for it whatsoever…its just dumb

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