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Alex Ferguson Has a ‘Massive Ego’, And is Still Trying to Control Manchester United, Says Roy Keane: Daily Soccer Report

alex ferguson charlie rose Alex Ferguson Has a Massive Ego, And is Still Trying to Control Manchester United, Says Roy Keane: Daily Soccer Report

Sir Alex Ferguson has a massive ego and is still trying to control Manchester United, says former United midfielder Roy Keane.

Keano appears in a brand-new ITV4 documentary that is scheduled to air later today in the UK entitled Keane and Vieira: The Best of Enemies. In the documentary, Keane shares several insights including:

“Everything is about control and power. [Sir Alex Ferguson is] still striving for it now even though he’s not manager. There’s massive ego involved in that.”

Keane added that Brian Clough, not Ferguson, was the best manager he ever worked under. The assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland team also said that he and his son now have season tickets at United, now that Ferguson is no longer manager there.

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18 Responses to Alex Ferguson Has a ‘Massive Ego’, And is Still Trying to Control Manchester United, Says Roy Keane: Daily Soccer Report

  1. Paul says:

    IMO, the biggest mistake united made was letting Ferguson picked the next manager.

    • Mufc77 says:

      I agree but the problem is the owners are not football people and the new CEO is a banker so they had no choice but to rely on the recommendations of people like SAF and Bobby Charlton.

      The major problem in Moyes appointment is that it seems to have been a closed process. He didn’t sit in front of the board of directors and explain his vision for the future of the club. He should have been told that the current back room staff were not replaceable and he would have to work with them if he got the job.

      Maybe David Moyes still would have ended up with the job anyway but to me the way it was done is amateurish at best.

  2. Dan says:

    Noone should pick their own successor. If some had theirvway Moyes would have us finish midtable due to it being a transition season. I don’t see any other top European team tolerating being league champions to To top 4 Contenders.

    • Mufc77 says:

      True but the Spanish and Germam
      Leagues are just two horse leagues so even in rebuilding years they only realistically have competition from one other team. The Epl has 7-8 legitimate teams fighting for 4 spots so when you have a bad season your nit going to Finnish in the European spots.

      • Dan says:

        That’s a recent thing. Historically Real, Bayern, and Barca have axed managers quickly and they have won just as much trophies as we have if not more. Because we are in a more competitive league having one bad season could result in a massive hit in financial revenue andcould hurt the brand. Would any of those three clubs have hired Moyes is my real question. If Moyes was such a great manager why did Real Madrid and Barcelona pass up on him since both were manager less? I feel as if Moyes got his job because he is Scottish and is similar in his footballing upbringing to Fergie and not due to his managerial record and status in football. If he was so great why was their no great demand for him at theend of his contract . Chelsea and City burn through managers like it’s nothing and never even looked at him why is that? The club let Fergie pick his successor and that’s where they went wrong. They never even looked at anyone else which is the disappointing thing. They had one individual and never even tried for Mourinho due to his mannerisms which is ridiculous considering Fergie wasn’t the nicest guy in the world.

  3. Bishopville Red says:

    ….and in other news, Christmas will be on the 25th his year.


  4. brn442 says:

    Oh Roy!!!

    There is nothing wrong with having an ego, especially if you can back it up. Mr Ferguson has certainly earned that right.

    Mr. Keane on the other hand, as talented a footballer and a leader of men on the pitch he was, has let his country and clubs down, with his infantile bouts of selfishness over the years.

    Add his poor track record in management and not being no where close to being considered as a Fergie successor (as was talked about during his playing days at Old Trafford,) and his under-minding of the Scotsman’s leadership towards the end of his playing days.

    It’s not shocking to see the Irishman’s true colours, when his own ego is hurt.

  5. abdirahman says:

    is that documentry would be showed around the world if iam not itv subscriber?

  6. abdirahman says:

    thanks. christopher. Looking forward your copy.

  7. Peter Quinn says:

    This documentary is airing December 10th. I can’t wait for it. I’ve put in a request to have someone send me it.

  8. Mufc77 says:

    Good to see Celtic taking action
    against their own fans hopefully more clubs follow this example.

    • Marc says:

      The Green Brigade had to take its frustration out on something after they were run all over in Holland a few weeks ago. Why not take it out on stadium seats a Fir Park? Cowards.
      That’s Timothy for you.

  9. jtm371 says:

    Keane you will never win this battle or war quit digging.

  10. syd Dacres says:

    To let Ferguson pick his replacement was the biggest well known mistake to make. History have shown time and time again one should not emulate another person. However, another line of thought is that failure for the following manager is planned to ensure nobody comes close to challenge Ferguson success. Syd. Vancouver. Canada.

  11. Bryan says:

    You’d have to say that if Sir Alex is still trying to run things at United, he’s making a mess of it.

  12. Wongo1 says:

    I will see all the complainers in May.

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