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StatClash Product Review: Play, Win and Earn Money By Playing EPL and MLS Fantasy Soccer

statclash logo StatClash Product Review: Play, Win and Earn Money By Playing EPL and MLS Fantasy Soccer

There’s a new fantasy soccer game in town, and this one is quite unique.

StatClash is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) game where you can join for free, play and — if you win — earn cash. It’s completely legal, and StatClash has games you can play for the EPL and MLS.

The way it works is very straightforward.

After registering for a free account, you visit the Lobby on the website, and scroll through the different types of daily sports contests to decide what one you want to join. Once you’ve selected a contest, you build your fantasy team. When the contest starts, you can track your players stats in real-time. And, if you want to, you can talk trash to other opponents in Clash Chat section.

I took the game for a test drive today. Registration takes only a minute. I scrolled through the contests available in the Lobby. And, for example, there were 21 different contests available for this weekend’s EPL matches. The fee to participate in these contests ranges from $1 to $50. For example, with a $1 bet (depending on which contest I play), I can earn $9 if I win. If I win the $50 bet, I can receive $90. But there are plenty of other combinations available (for example, bet $25 and win $112.50 in the Winner Takes All bet). With 21 different contests just for the EPL in the upcoming weekend, there’s plenty to choose from.

Each contest has a set number of players that you can play against. Depending on the EPL contests I was looking at, there can be as few as 2 or as many as 11 — which are still small numbers and gives you a good chance of winning since the number of opponents are capped.

To figure out which contest you want to play, the website offers easy-to-use menu options. For example, if you take a look at the screenshot below, you can see how you can click on the grey boxes near the top of the screen to select what sport you want to play, the contest type, the entry fee, the number of opponents and the start time. As you click on each of those grey boxes, they turn to orange and the list of contests available underneath dynamically changes based on what you enter.

statclash epl lobby 600x323 StatClash Product Review: Play, Win and Earn Money By Playing EPL and MLS Fantasy Soccer

After you’ve selected a contest you want to play, you then choose your fantasy team. Just as with other fantasy soccer games, you have a set budget to work within and you can pick and choose between the players in the EPL.

Then before you enter your team into the contest, you can add funds to your account to pay for the bet. The site takes PayPal and major credit cards.

When the EPL weekend kicks off, you gain points for wins, assists, saves, ties, shutouts, etc, and get points knocked off for red cards and yellow cards.

StatClash is the first to offer a DFS game for MLS and EPL.

Sign up for StatClash today for free. If you know your EPL or MLS, this is definitely a new type of game you want to check out.

You have to be 18 years or older to play. And the game is open to US or Canada residents only. You have to be a citizen and legal resident of the United States or Canada to play.

Full-disclosure: StatClash is an advertiser on World Soccer Talk. However, the review was written independent from StatClash, and wasn’t reviewed or censored by StatClash in any way.

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