Jan Vertonghen Pulls Down Aston Villa Striker’s Shorts in League Cup [VIDEO]

This is something you don’t see everyday.

In the Capital One Cup game between Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur tonight, Aston Villa striker Nicklas Helenius was running towards goal but Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen tripped and accidentally pulled down the shorts of the Danish striker.

Fair play to Helenius, he managed to continue his run and pulled off a shot that unfortunately went wide of the goal.

Vertonghen by footazo

Should it have been a foul in the box and a penalty awarded to Villa? What do you think?

Unfortunately for Helenius, Aston Villa lost the match 4-0 to Tottenham, so his embarrassment of having his shorts pulled down was compounded by the heavy defeat to the fellow Premier League club.

Photo credit: Twitter.

10 thoughts on “Jan Vertonghen Pulls Down Aston Villa Striker’s Shorts in League Cup [VIDEO]”

  1. Probably should have been a penalty. Darn….that’s funny. Probably distracting to the keeper too. Suddenly there is a guy who is taking a shot with his pants around his ankles.

  2. not a foul, not a pen. its only a foul, if the ref, was of the opinion, that vertonghen was careless or reckless. the ref, prob saw what we all saw, and that was jan falling to the ground. if he’d taken the player with him, its a different story. he didn’t.

  3. I agree it was accidental clearly but also clearly impeded the player-hard to shoot with pants around the ankle-

    Spurs bossed the game and I don’t think the outcome would have changed overall-

  4. Those briefs are worthy of a sending off..what is he, paddy power now taking odds on Jan waking up in a cold sweat after coping an eyeful of that!

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