Tottenham Agree Deal With Toulouse For Midfielder Etienne Capoue, Says Report

Tottenham Hotspur have agreed a deal with Toulouse to sign highly-rated midfielder Etienne Capoue. The 25-year-old French defensive midfielder has to agree personal terms and pass a medical before the transfer can be completely finalized, which could happen as early as tomorrow or Friday, according to a French website.

The transfer fee is reported to be approximately £8.6million. Last month, Toulouse accepted a bid from Cardiff City for Capoue, but the deal was never finalized because Capoue wasn’t interested in moving to Cardiff.

Capoue has five caps for France as well as 174 league appearances for Toulouse since 2007.

If Capoue signs for Tottenham, that’ll bring the club’s transfer signings this summer to four with Roberto Soldado, Paulinho and Nacer Chadli already on the books.

14 thoughts on “Tottenham Agree Deal With Toulouse For Midfielder Etienne Capoue, Says Report”

    1. Thanks Eddy. I’ve seen last name referenced both ways, but I just updated the article to spell it as Capoue.

  1. why? I can’t see Spurs needing another midfielder unless he’s going to be used in the backline…silly really.

    1. If they are going to run a 4-3-3 they will need another holding midlfielder. Right now the only decent backup midfielder Spurs has is Holtby. Parker, Huddy, and Livermore cannot be rotated into the lineup cuz last year was terrible. Sandro and Dembele are going to need to rest at some point, so if you add another talented midfielder it allows more rotation. So it really makes perfect sense.

    2. seems fairly obvious now Spurs will be playing some version of a 4-3-3 always starting with 3 versatile midfielders. They currently have Sandro, Paulinho, Dembele, Holtby, Huddlestone, Parker, Livermore, Carroll. I’d say this definitely means at least 2 of Hudd/Parker/Livermore are on their way out.

      Having 6 options to rotate for those 3 spots is necessary to compete in multiple competitions and not have the same 2-3 playing every match as happened last season.

      also worth mentioning that Capoue can also cover CB, and since Caulker was just sold, Spurs currently are left with Dawson, Vertonghen and Kaboul, and Kaboul hasn’t played in a year. Dawson and Verts are both injured right now as well.

  2. When you read about Spurs they seem to have a goal keeper and 10 midfielder’s. No wonder they don’t score goal’s. Is it time a manager
    knows how to select strikers, wingers & centre halves etc.
    I cannot remember when Modric, Huddlesdone, Parker & Sandro scored a goal.
    We should be called the Midfielder’s not The Spurs.

    1. Last I checked, Bale was still on the books and they signed a Spanish striker who has a better than 1 in 2 games ratio in La Liga.

      And when I read about Spurs, really all you see is articles on the Bale situation, not much anything else!

    2. What? LoL

      It’s a squad game 11 quality midfielders is essential to multi competition competitiveness

      Look at CFC, Barca, Bayern, MCFC & MUFC


      Plus we’ve always been that way, remember David pleat pioneering the 451 formation with 1 striker Clive Allan knocking in 49 goals in one season?

      It’s all about chance creation. Give AVB a call I’m sure he’d appreciate you setting him straight lol

  3. As an arsenal fan I think Spurs will def. grab top 4 if they keep bale. The summer signings have been very good and if they can get 1 or 2 defenders in they might even push the top teams for the title. This all depends on bale staying.

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