Southampton Fans Express Outrage at New Official Home and Away Shirts [PHOTOS]

Southampton supporters will have little to smile about today as their new home and away kits were released for the 2013-14 season.

The Premier League club, who finished 14th last season, have teamed-up with the famous sports manufacturer adidas, who are sponsors of many kits in English football.

Leaked pictures of the new home and away shirts were discovered on sites days before the official release by the club, with Southampton fans expressing their embarrassment and hopefulness that the leaks were fakes. Although it turned out to be the genuine 2013-14 shirts.

The Saints fans were disappointed last season when the club revealed a new strip (designed by Umbro), which failed to include any of the club’s traditional stripes, a feature that has been apparent in most of their kits throughout the Saints’ history.

Not only have the club released a kit without the traditional stripes again, but they have also raised the prices from last year’s strip. Shirt prices ahead of the 2013-14 campaign have risen to £50, compared to last season’s reasonable £32.

The Southampton players will have to wear non-striped shirts for another season as supporters question the chairman’s respect to the club’s tradition.

Nicola Cortese, the club’s controversial chairman, revealed season ticket holders would receive a 10% discount on the home/away shirt, this was a deal the supporters were happy with – until they realized how expensive the shirts were.

Despite scrapping the stripes, it was revealed last November that Southampton’s 2012-13 kit was the fastest selling ever for the club.

More outrage was expressed when the Southampton fans noticed other football league kits looked almost identical to the new strip. Bristol City’s new 2013-14 home shirt is shown to use the same Adidas template as the Saints’ newly released outfit.

The Saints fans have already started social network campaigns against the new shirt, with tweets directed at the football club reading “#SaveOurStripes”.

29 thoughts on “Southampton Fans Express Outrage at New Official Home and Away Shirts [PHOTOS]”

  1. What a disgrace to the fans of the club that the chairman again has put out a disgusting red kit. Its his choice btw as is the stupid gold lettering that makes it look even more tackier.

    Please do NOT buy this kit or the away as its templated garbage that sunday pub football teams can buy for £15 online.

  2. They complained last year, yet they still bought them at a record setting rate. That just encouraged them. They will not listen to social media complaints. They will listen to the financial reports.

    1. The major reason football shirt sales were so good last season for Southampton was not because of the shirt design, but it was because Southampton were back in the Premier League. If the club had used their brains, they would have incorporated the red and white stripes into their design and they would have sold a ton more shirts.

      The Gaffer

  3. Have you not noticed that pretty much every single kit out there is a template these days? And for that reason we shouldn’t buy it? What about all the fans that actually quite like the new design & aren’t particularly a massive fan of stripes? Where’s the report about them? It’s not the first change in style (we had blue shorts for for 59 years for example) and it certainly won’t be the last. England just switched to Nike from umbro and the price has risen to £60 a shirt, so clearly the manufacturer of the kit has something to do with the price, which incidentally as corrected above wasn’t £32 last season. This article is utter nonsense.

  4. They probably want to change it because Sunderland and Stoke both have red and white vertical stripes and, rightly or not, they want to have more unique brand identity.

    That does not explain why they would use a basic adidas template though.

  5. My god the reactions of some of these bedwetters about our new kit is ridiculous! Its a new era for the club with a new look, need to let the past go and look forward to a bright future. Its the players who wear the kits and how they perform thats important.

  6. Honest question: Why (outside of a sponsor change) do teams need to change kits every year? That’s unheard of here in the USA( not that that makes it right or wrong just an observation).

      1. I get that Gaffer,but AmericN sports team owners are just as interested in making $ as their Euoropean counterparts. We don’t have teams here out side of soccer who have sponsors on their uniforms so I guess it’s cultural?

        1. It’s tradition. In England, club teams started having sponsors on their shirts beginning in the late 70s. Remember, in a 90 minute game of soccer there are no advertising breaks except for half-time unlike American sports. So teams and sponsors looked for new ways to generate revenue through advertising.

          It was in the early 80s when many English teams began producing new home shirts almost every season. Some clubs try to change them every two years, but that’s a rarity nowadays.

          The Gaffer

  7. I’m a Saints fan and am not at all bothered about the lack of stripes. I’m much more interested in the football we play and the results we record.

    The kit is red and white. Those are our colours. Wearing those colours will be worn by our players so I don’t see the issue. If some fans don’t like the kit, they’ll have saved themselves £50!

    The price, by the way, is ridiculous. The previous price was £42 not £32, but, either way, £50 is criminal!

  8. West Brom’s away jersey is exactly what I hoped for, obviously swapping the black for white.

    I think the new jerseys do look good, and I’m thankful that the home and away aren’t the same template with different colors. However, at least a hint at some creativity would have gone a long way with the fans. Ghost stripes at least. Maybe next year.

  9. NC has said all along that its the future not the past that is important!

    Yes they cost nothing to make and a fortune to buy, that’s how they get the money to sponsor the club!

    Agree, everyone complained at the beginning last season but we all have at least one!

    I don’t mind them, ill be standing in the Northam with a home shirt on as will most others!

    OK the price has gone up to 50 but with 10% off its 45.

    By the way, ADIDAS stands for All Day I Dream About Saints :-)

  10. I’d be more outraged at how ugly that Adidas template is than the lack of stripes. I think that template looks good on WBA’s away and nowhere else.

    Geez, swap white in for black on the WBA and you’d have a pretty good looking Saints shirt right there.

  11. Not disrespectful to saints history even though its not even red and white..just red with white armpits.

    What it is disrespectful to if the fans

    £50 with Saints logo and the pleasure of advertising our sponsor


    £13.80 for exactly the same Adidas Tiro shirt! google it 😉

  12. I Will be getting it as it not the kit I go and see it’s the team get over it already that’s are kit and it shouldnt matter wot we play in as long as we do good I like it 2bh come on u saints

  13. At 75 years of age and a lifelong Saints supporter I still believe that the best strip the Saints ever had was the striped one with the addition of the thin black stripe, it was distinctive, and showed clearly who we are. No club in the UK has ever had a better shirt,

  14. I’m a Cardiff fan and seeing this has made that Modern Football hate for me grow a little larger. Our Chairmen are destroying our tradition, pride & identity for greed. The beautiful game has gone. I suggest a petition online. I am a member of Bluebirds Unite and we have attracted 6,000 odd signatures online and around about the same number on paper.

  15. By not having red-and-white stripes for a few seasons, it enables the club to return to a striped design in future and make a big marketing song and dance about it. Like Doctor Who, football kits change so often it’s not really worth getting upset about any one in particular.

    Besides, there is only so much you can do with vertical red-and-white stripes. I can’t be the only person who noticed the bizarre hand-me-down relationship that was going on for years between Southampton, Sunderland, Stoke City, Sheffield United, Brentford and Exeter City (…and I don’t mean James Beattie).

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