Real Madrid Offer Higuain & Coentrão Plus Cash For Gareth Bale, Says Report

Real Madrid are willing to offer Tottenham star players Gonzalo Higuain, Fabio Coentrao plus cash in order to sign Gareth Bale, according to a report in The Times newspaper.

Under new manager Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid are looking to sign a star attacking midfielder. At the same time, the Spanish club realize that Tottenham Hotspur are in need of a new striker and left back. Coentrao is an exceptional left full back, while Higuain ticks all the boxes as a talented and clinical striker.

Bale’s valuation, according to some circles, is as high as £85million. If Tottenham decided to sell Bale, they’d get two world-class players and cash to boot.

What are your thoughts regarding the latest transfer news? Should Spurs accept Real Madrid’s offer, or is Bale staying at Tottenham? Let us know in the comments section below.

31 thoughts on “Real Madrid Offer Higuain & Coentrão Plus Cash For Gareth Bale, Says Report”

      1. In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a good number of readers for whom English might be their 2nd or even 3rd language. At times their comments may take some work to translate, but their emotions and attachments to the clubs are very real indeed. Cut them a break, FFS.

        1. While I agree with the sentiment I don’t think this is the case in this situation and others I’ve seen. These are comments typed by people who live in a world where they use numbers instead of words and spelling is just something that gets in the way. These are detached digitqal age morons.

  1. Could Spurs even afford the wages for Higuain and Coentrao?

    PS. Where is the Gus Johnson hate these days? There is a void in my life right now…

  2. Can I have whateverc.babo is on please? cancel that-it can’t be legal.On another site it’s Di Maria, Higuain. Come on laughable Gaffer, what is it pick and mix or perm any three from seven. Yet another poor wannabe journalist prostituting their “profession” for hits on a website. Poor mans Marca.

  3. That’s an interesting report but probably not very accurate. Although if true, would be a tough decision. Keep Bale…we need his 20+ goals & get a striker.

  4. The real truth is that the journo who wrote this has noticed that Spurs are looking for a left back and a striker. He therefore wrote this, putting 2 and 2 together and making 17, after a liquid lunch, with presumably no quotes.

    1. Good catch Tony — this is a recycled rumor from early-mid season last year, with the only differences being that Bale’s price has gone up, and Tottenham’s interest in selling him has gone down. As you noted, it is now (as then) without substantiation.

  5. More paper talk do they really expect us to believe this rubbish two players + cash for bale if their so good why are Madrid letting them go
    pull the other leg it’s got bells on it

  6. What report? We not bothering to link them anymore?

    Also why would either of those players agree to play on Europa teams when all the teams linked with them are in champions? Rubbish.

    And I think Bale has a Fabregas type gentlemen’s agreement to stay one more season.

    Then again if RM waive a bunch of cash who know? But those players wouldn’t agree to it.

  7. Higuain has already agreed to go to Woolwich. How can Real Madrid trade a player that won’t go and that Spurs won’t pay? This report is utter rubbish.

  8. Real are in for the con of their lives. He isnt going to be the next Cr7 or Messi and is far to one footed. Hes british so they should know the deal already with Britain and the overhyping of players. Goetze has far more talent than bale and he went for 31.5 million pounds. Bale isnt going to even challenge for the pichichi and Neymar looks twice the player Bale is yet they would spend 100 million on Bale. I dont care not my club.

  9. Spurs don’t want to sell. If they did it would have to be a straight cash deal. Spurs run a tight ship with no player currently on more than £90k a week and lots on considerably less. There is no chance they would sell their young star player for makeweights who earn more total non starter. Real would be better off selling the players they deem surplus to raise funds for a straight cash bid of at least £85m.

    1. I think Adebayor is on £100k? Bale will be on much more than that to stay – his contact is updated & improved each season.

  10. Keeping Bale is so much more important than having a world class player on the pitch. He will be a draw
    for more talent, will sell tons of merchandise and could make Spurs recognizable around the world. Higuain or any other players they bring in as replacements won’t do that for the club.

  11. Bollocks.
    1.Does Bale actually want to move
    2.Can Tottenham actually pay those two players
    3.Do Gonzalo and Fabio actually want to play for spurs who have a mediocre stadium capacity or a newly built state of the art arena with arguebly the best playing surfaces in the prem(the latter in relation to higuains arsenal move)
    4.Do they want to play Europa league football or possibly be given the chance to show your sellers what the missing in footballs toughest tournament
    5.Can you see Gonzalo tearing up Arsenals contract they’ve offered
    6.would tottenham accept

    If yes to all the questions then they’ll have a deal
    But lets be honest, a yes for any of those questions are a far cry let alone all 6

  12. The person who wrote this obviously has no clue what is going on in the football world (no disrespect).
    Higuain to Arsenal was literally agreed 2 weeks ago and has been reported by many tabloids and other sources yet you seem to think differently.

    If you want to make a realistic report, make one about Saldado or Mario Gomez joining spurs with Gareth Bale staying…..yes, ‘staying’ at WHL.

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