Man Utd & Liverpool Sell 82k and 93k Tickets Down Under In 18 & 26 Mins Respectively

Soccer fans in Australia have gone on a buying spree for friendlies this summer featuring Manchester United and Liverpool.

The ticket allocation of 82,000 for Manchester United’s friendly against A-League All Stars in Sydney sold out in 18 minutes. The game, scheduled for July 20, will be played at the ANZ Stadium.

Liverpool will play a few days later against the Melbourne Victory at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Tickets for the match were sold out in 26 minutes with a total of 93,000 tickets sold.

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The incredible ticket sales are a sign of how the Australian soccer scene down under is growing quickly, as well as the popularity of these two classic English sides.

Are you one of the lucky people to have tickets to either the A-League All Stars vs Manchester United, or Melbourne Victory against Liverpool matches? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Man Utd & Liverpool Sell 82k and 93k Tickets Down Under In 18 & 26 Mins Respectively”

  1. I’m definitely one of the best teams supporters. That is Manchester United! Going to the game. Much better organised than the Liverpool match which is during the week. Only disappointing thing is no fergie. Bit unfair that he was the coach when tickets were sold and now won’t be joining even though he is an ambassador.

  2. Can’t wait! saw united last time they came and remember it like it was yesterday. Yes it’s a shame fergie won’t be there but considering the memories he has provided over 26 yrs I’ll let him off this time. Hopefully RVP will be there but I’d like to see Adnan get a run. To all the English fans you don’t know how lucky you are getting to watch the reserves and under 18s let alone the first team. Get out there and support the youth!

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